Thread time

Just because I haven’t started one in what seems like forever. Make this your special home of pointless meandering. Also, make it a shrine to me and my magnificence. Ready? GO!!!

You suck Mully! Jackass!
How’s that for a shrine to your magnificence?

MPSIMS for the day: I spent almost the whole weekend working. I hated that place so much I finally decided to quit. I’m glad the weekend’s over. I can’t wait for today to be over because I have tomorrow off. Phew…

I’ve found a new version of crack: PacPC. A absolute perfect copy of pacman. I’ve made it past 100k finally.

Hey, SaintZero, a link?

Why is my second toe so much longer than my big toe?

Come to think of it, my third toe is longer than my big toe too!

It’s for DOS, which is wild. Not sure if It’ll run under NT or anything like that.

MPSIMS for today…

My boss got a dog so now I have a chocolate lab sitting under my desk.

My night classes at Harvard start in 2 weeks.

I spent the weekend playing Scrabble and making bead bracelets.

Still waiting for my pic to show up on SD people pages…

Mully, the sun pales next to you. How can I possibly express my awe of your Mulliness? You Mully my world. May I drop to my knees in worship and kiss your Mully? :smiley:

I thought about you this morning when I was reading the NY TIMES in the subway. Specifically the article entitled “Urban Sprawl Threatens the Solitude and Fragile Lands of Georgia’s State Parks.”

When I got to the part about Vince Taylor, the manager of Sweetwater Creek state park in Lithia Springs, “inspecting his territory and being dismayed to find deer blinds, children’s forts, and yard cuttings on park property,” I was pumping my fist in the air and saying "Go, Mullinator!"

PacPC and PCQbert ROCK!

Ah yes… another convert… (evil laughter)

you did find the “c” key? for configuring the game to your liking? That’s not mentioned, that I noticed.

I thought I was the only one! All of my life I’ve had to deal with the horrible stigma of having 2 toes longer than the “big” toe. Hell, my fourth toe is almost as long as biggie.

I feel your pain, my freaky-toed brother.

::Pat Pat Pat::
We are but a minority it seems.

No you’re not!


Yeah, Uke’s thinking of me on the subway. I want to see much more mundaneness and much more ego-boosting. Heck, ego boost others if it helps you get into the flow of it.

Also, all those that want to line up and kiss my Mully, please stand to the right hand side.

Oh, Lauralee. Come out, come out wherever you are.

Just what is your “Mully” anyway? And how would I know if I wanna kiss it?

I’ve always thought of Mullinator’s “Mully” as an adorable, cuddly Muppet, with big sad eyes, shaggy green hair, and a bowler hat with a gardenia in the band.

What does everyone else think the “Mully” is?

The lump in my armpit has gotten bigger, but it isn’t painful anymore. I’m going to the doctor early next week.

I have really bad cramps.

I have a hangover.

I’m bored.

I need a life. :slight_smile:

I made cheesecake today. It tastes good.

I’m watching Oprah right now.

I found out last night that my brother knows all the words to “Genie in a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera. And he can dance too. :slight_smile:

Hi, Mullinator!!

My MPSIMS: I started my new job today. Woohoo! Very nice people, fun atmosphere, and I get paid in 2 weeks. I love it.

AND! I found an apartment that opens up September 22nd. So I can move in October!!! YES!!!

Mine: My quest for a cheap flight to Stockholm continues… I’ve found one for $606 on British Airways, and I have until the end of the week to book it. I’m asking for the time off work tomorrow, and now I just need to scrape up the money for it.

My dishwasher appears to be broken - at least it seems to be stuck on wash and won’t move onto rinse.

I am going out for dinner WITHOUT the children! and With the SO for the first time in years. Plan not to talk about kids at all. Huh.

My 7 yo is a demon child and I just might need to sell him on the open market…

A mully is a close relative of a mullet :wink: