Threadshit or OK Snark

Even now, there are American teachers who believe that students using Spanish is school to communicate with theor peers are fundamentally undercutting their education and being personally, deliberately insubordiate to any adult within earshot. I’ve had teachers come to me distressed beyond words because a kid in their class will ask a second kid, in Spanish, to clarify instructions the first kid didn’t understand.

This is from the IMHO thread about Iran stopping English being taught to elementary students. (I don’t know how to link it.) As you see there is absolutely nothing wrong with this post, my question is if I would answer, “The teachers are all a bunch of snowflakes.” Would this be a threadshit, trollish behavior, being a jerk, or perfectly fine reply?

I often see one line smartass posts that no one seems think are a problem. At what point does the hammer fall?

Here is the link

Personally, I think it’s great. It’s high time the rarely heard (and devastatingly clever) term “snowflake” entered into widespread use.

I would not be offended by it but then again I am not a Mod. I could see it turning into a hijack though without a lot of extra effort involved.

That was just an example, you could substitute whatever insult you like. My question was about the smartass one liner was a threadshit or perfectly ok. Sort of like your dump right out of the box.

Sometimes it needs to be said. A lot of times it could be one of the default options in a poll like pie - “They are snowflakes”

But I don’t understand what you would be responding too with that line in that thread. It doesn’t address the OP, it might be allowable for some other post in there, but just stuck in without context I guess it could be consider threadshitting. Nothing severe, I’d hope a mod would just note you and tell you not to do that if it’s not in context to some sense of privilege being being expressed in the thread.

Ah, better understanding now. Basically one sentence/one thought replies bother me (I look at least for a “what you think and why” option to it all) especially when its just a simple insult of some kind but I don’t personally see it as threadshitting. I believe I remember more than one poster getting called out by a Mod for making a habit out of the practice but its all been pretty situational as far as my memory goes.

I am but one mod (albeit an IMHO version of one).

As has been noted, it’s not uncommon to have some level of snark present in threads. As 1) I’m interpreting the target of your hypothetical comment to be the teachers in the quoted post (and not the poster), and 2) it looks like something intended to be a quick chuckle rather than an attempt to derail the discussion, I’d be unlikely to take action. As always, lots of other circumstances (lots of people making off-topic comments previously, an individual poster’s history of off-topic comments, etc.) can come into play, so I am not going to claim there’s no way such a post could ever warrant moderation.

In this particular context, I’m not seeing it.

Ok, now I see that the first paragraph of the OP is the post being referred to. Sure, call them ‘snowflakes’, it’s an allowable point of view.

Well aren’t you the copo de nieve!

A threadshit is an attack on the very premise of a thread: Basically, a post saying that the thread shouldn’t exist at all. If you start a thread asking “What’s your favorite Beatles song?”, and someone posts “Who cares; the Beatles suck anyway”, that’s a threadshit. On the other hand, if you say that your favorite is “I want to hold your hand”, and someone says “Nah, that was their worst song; ‘I Am the Walrus’ was much better”, then you’re disagreeing with that particular post, but not with the thread as a whole.

As a rough rule of thumb, if the post starts with the phrase “Who cares?”, or could plausibly start with that phrase, then it might be a threadshit.