threadspotting closed thread

So, threadspotting today highlights a thread about how to become a bookie. But then the actual thread is closed for promoting illegal activity.

Methinks the left hand and right hand are not communicating.

My mistake. I’ve reopened the thread.

I thought the mistake was in threadspotting it, not closing it.

After some mod discussion about it, though, it was eventually found to be okay since it’s clearly not being serious.

“For Entertainment Purposes Only”, right?:smiley:

Well, yes. And I would think people would be able to see that, there’s some intelligent people here.

They must be around here somewhere. :smiley:

Bookmaking is legal in some places including Nevada. Even if serious its a valid thread.

I should mention that if you don’t like the offerings for Threadspotting you should send me nominations for threads you think are better.

I would greatly appreciate more offerings – these should be threads that are above and beyond the ordinary – profound is great, learning something worthwhile is good, funny works too. Maybe a thread someone would want to participate in if only they knew about it, like if it was on the front page. :slight_smile: