Three Black Guys Playing Proto-Punk in 1973

I give you Death.

Well anyway, I hadn’t heard of these guys before.

Is it accurate to describe it as proto-punk in your opinion? Some of the music seems a little dramatic, but the voicing and basic spare instrumention in some sections do sound punk-ish to me.

ETA: And the very beginning, with the guitar hitting just the first downbeat in each measure, is certainly reminiscent of something in the ska/reggae era, which to my understanding is connected with the early punk movement so there’s that.

Here’s another song.

Whatever you want to call it, this is clearly great music!

Sorry. one more. The most clearcut case of punk I’ve heard yet from the trio.

Have to agree. Here is a column I wrote up on them in the old Teemings SDMB Newsletter:

Very cool music.

FYI, They’re doing an AMA on Redditon 6/28.

I have heard a few songs of theirs in the past and I agree totally proto-punk and I think early descendants of Bad Brains and Fishbone. Very enjoyable.

Is this just a thread to promote a new movie coming out?

Well, I have mentioned this on the board before, but not only does this totally sound like punk, from 1966, but two of the key band member were black as well: 7 and 7 is.

Was that just a post to promote a new movie coming out?

Reddit thread: