Three burner stove?

My wife and I just bought our first home and are in the process of rehabbing it. One of the previous owners redid the kitchen but did it rather poorly so we get to finish the job.

We would like to move the stove and since the space is rather narrow, my wife thinks we should get a three burner stove. My question is does such a thing exist?Has anyone ever used one? Do they sell them in the states. The place currently has an oven but it is next to the sink and we want to put a dishwasher there.

I’m still pissed, they plastered over the original tin ceiling. We can still see it in the utility closet.

Standard ranges are 30" wide, but you can get a four-burner model that’s only 24" wide. Will that fit?

The problem is not so much the width as the length of the unit. A regular one will fit but will be somewhat of a tight fit. I’ve never seen such a thing as a three burner stove but my wife swears she saw one.

I had it in my dorm back i college. Not something I would like to use in my house however.

By length, do you mean depth front to back? Standard depth is 24 inches or just over that, so they can fit in a standard kitchen counter. If depth is an issue, you can get a two-burner cooktop (no oven, just two burners). I found one at that’s about 17" deep by 21" wide.

And I looked, but didn’t see any three burner units, although some of the higher end ones let you swap out burners for griddles or other accessories.

You’ll find many three-burner ranges sold in boating stores and RV suppliers, as this is the market for compact appliances. You really need to measure the space and be specific about whether you need an oven, a cooktop, or both; gas, electric coil, or radiant; voltage; etc.

That’s it exactly.

The space is such that our contractor has said that a regular oven will fit. My wife thinks that it will be somewhat tight and look kind of crowded. She was thinking that a smaller less deep oven would work better for us.

The current oven is a gas one. The house has gas heating as well. We don’t cook alot nor do we cook very complicated things which is why the idea of a three burner stove came up. We rarely have to use two burners at once. We will probably never cook something as large as a turkey.

In (approx.) the 1960’s, many kitchens had three-burner stoves that started out as four-burner stoves. The gee-whiz stove gadget then was the Burner With A Brain®. You’d set the control to an exact temperature instead of high/medium/low. It was wonderful until it broke, and it was expensive to fix. So, many homes had three usable burners and the dead BWAB. When a recipe said “remove from heat,” you’d put it on the BWAB.

I’m pretty sure this was not what you meant, though.