Three Crosses

I remember driving down the interstate through West Virginia about 8 years ago when every so often, along the highway, I’d see set off about 20-30 feet from the road three large wooden crosses. I’ve seen them in Pennsylvania, too. These were BIG crosses, NOT to be confused with little ones right along the highway that many freinds and families place alongside the road in memorial to accident victims.

Now I know the three crosses represent the Holy Trinity, but is there a specific religion that requires this to be displayed on member’s property?

I’ve never seen these on I-95 or in new England for example. Is this part of Appalachian culture? Help.

Appalachian culture?

Something “regional”?

Nope, just a coincidence that an individual in that neck of the woods [great states of WV and PA] expressing his religious beliefs.

Any others agree with him, for they allow him to build his crosses on their private property.

Similar to Johnny Appleseed and his efforts to create apple orchards in the Heartland of America.

Terence in Marietta, GA

Be someone’s hero

The three crosses do not represent the trinity. They depict Christ’s cross and the two crosses of the two insurrectionists (some translations, thieves, who were crucified along with Jesus.

I’ve seen such displays in the Northeast, though, not as often or as large as in the Bible Belt.