"Three Cups of Tea" co-author David Oliver Relin commits suicide

Story here.

I know there was a lot of controversy over whether or not parts of the book was fabricated. Sad that he felt the need to end his life.

Worth pointing out that it is NOT Greg Mortenson who died, but his co-author. Mortenson is the one who had the apparently fabricated adventure in Pakistan that led to his founding a charity to build schools. David Oliver Relin, his co-author, is the one who committed suicide. He died of “blunt force head injury,” which sounds like an odd way to kill yourself, and probably not very pleasant.

He probably jumped to his death, head first. Sad.

I’m guessing he jumped off something.

I just started reading this last night and was captivated. Now, in light of this, I have done some reading online about Jon Krakauer’s allegations. Sad all around, really.

I noticed the same thing…and was wondering if he jumped out of a window or something. Seems unlikely that he hit himself in the head with a baseball bat.

Sad. I’ve enjoyed the books and followed the controversy… this isn’t the direction it should have gone in.

Listened to good coverage of this by the CBC on their “As It Happens” news show tonight. Very sad

I’ve expanded the thread title to explain this.

The article linked in the OP states that his body was found alongside railroad tracks. I think the blunt force was barreling down those tracks.

I read this book when it hit the racks and was blown away by the story. Almost too good to be true, I thought.