Three-Finger Salute: Ctrl-Alt-Del Creator Retires!

Yes, it’s true, my fellow babies.

David Bradley, the man who invented the Ctrl-Alt-Del shortcut to restart PCs is retiring after 28 years at IBM to go teach.

So let’s raise three frosty ones in his honor! The man who rescued us all from Windows time and again.

Ave Coder! Nos morituri von spernimus!

What is ‘von spernimus’ supposed to mean? Nice reference, by the way; let’s hope we don’t meet their fates, or our computers either.

For that matter, why not translate it all, please?

Saved my ass in the DOS days more than a few times!
(Not Dave, the salute.)

Yeah, I’d heard about this somewhere.

Yes, I too salu…

Computer restarts

Darn… :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t even know that ‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete’ was invented by anyone. I thought it was just something that always was.

Salut, Mr. Bradley!