Three Random Microsoft Questions (Explorer, Outlook, And Excel)

  1. When Explorer windows freeze up for whatever reason, and I get the message that it will have to shut down, it shuts down the faulty/frozen window and (i) none (ii) some but not all (iii) all of my other concurrently-open instantiations of Explorer. (I am using Explorer v.6 so opening another whole window is my best way to run multiple browser screens, absent ability to open a new frame). What decides how many of my other windows get closed?

  2. This really annoys me. When I reply to or forward an e-mail, and want to edit or add to the previous text – okay, I get that I may have to adjust the fonts to match. But stupid Outlook insists, when I put a new word or letter in the existing/forwarded text, on adding two-three extra spaces in front of and after whatever I insert so it reads like thi s u nless I remember to go back and check every damn place I added anything in. WITF is it doing that, and can I suppress it?

  3. When I have Excel open, the upper right corner X doesn’t work to close out of the whole program. I can close out of an individual spreadsheet by using the sub-X, but to close the program itself I need to do file-exit. Why is it making me do that extra keystroke, and can I change it?

What gives you this ludicrous idea? Who cares if the fonts match?

What happens when you click on the application exit button (the top right corner X)?

I do, if they’re in significantly different colors and sizes within a single sentence/word.

Nothing – it’s not missing (the x button), but it is sort of “grayed out” like an unavailable feature.

To each his/her own.

I have never seen that. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Because those extra key strokes add up, and are slowly robbing you of your life… which is what Microsoft wants.

Do you have it set up where each open item of an application is grouped in the task bar? If so, you can right-click the app, then select “Close group.” Is that too many keystrokes?