Three reasons I'm cheerful today

(1) I’ve been trying to shrink my gut all year, and I finally seem to have hit a combination of diet and exercise that is making steady progress, rather than very-slow-but-at-least-I’m-not-GAINING-weight progress. I lost 3 pounds in the last two weeks. (The trick seems to be swimming instead of running, along with weekly soccer and racquetball.)

(2) It looks like the big horrible project at work that I really really really didn’t want to do is being assigned to someone else. Poor bastard.

(3) So there’s this woman at work who’s nice and cute and smart and peppy and friendly. But she just had a baby, so I assumed she was in a serious relationship, whatever, no big. But today we were chatting and it turns out that the father of her baby got another woman pregnant and she (the woman from work) threw him out, and then moved so that she lives nearby to me now. Not that I have any actual reason to think that she’d be interested in me (or in any man at all right now), and not that I necessarily am ready to start dating someone with a 9-month-old-baby, BUT for some reason just the thought that there’s potential that there might be potential is making me smile. (At which point I realize that I’m reveling in someone else’s misery and disfunction, so I feel guilty… but I’m smiling nonetheless.)

I seriously think that slow, steady progress is far more effective than any other form of weight loss. Another thing to take into consideration is that eating habits have a far larger effect on your weight than exercise habits. But either way, good stuff. :wink:

Mmm, the wonderful taste of schadenfreude.

That’s so cool! I’m feeling a bit cheerful myself today. Here’s why:

I had a great weekend and got to meet some wonderful Dopers.

Kiddo had a good first day at science camp.

I start my new job on Wednesday.

'Grats all around.


  1. There’s nothing happier than fresh, perfectly ripe pineapple and fresh, perfectly-ripe strawberries. Speaking of which…

  2. Homemade strawberry pie, and I finally perfected a crust recipe. This means…
    2[sub]a[/sub]) I get to bust my marble rolling pin out of the freezer and roll a pie crust! And cut a cute strawberry in the top for steam vents.

  3. My new bunny (former lab animal, rechristened Bunsen) is the cutest thing evah! Hard not to be cheerful with a tuxedo-patterned bunny hippity-hopping around the room. Living in a lab his entire life up until a couple weeks ago, he’s now using a litter box like a champ and begging wuvs like nobody’s business. That’s pretty cheering.

Congratulations everyone! As for me…

  1. I had a great workout yesterday and my slow-cooker chili turned out faaabulous.
  2. Long story short, the hospital bill that billing was trying to convince me was my balance AFTER insurance has now been cleared, whether through insurance or hospital assistance I’m not sure yet, but either way I now have zero balance for an account that I thought I owed $1000+ on. (w00t)
  3. The library branch right by my apartment has reopened and I have lots of books now.

Later today I’ll be hearing as to whether or not I got a job I applied for last week so hopefully I’ll have more things to be glad about this afternoon!

Hey, congratulations! I’m so glad you’ve had a great day.

My day hasn’t been too bad so far. I wouldn’t classify my mood as cheerful, so much as slap happy:

  1. I, too, am slowly but surely managing to lose weight by following the traditional formula that’s supposed to be oh-so-easy, but isn’t (you know-eat less, exercise more)

  2. My kid is absolutely hilarious for a wide variety of reasons you probably don’t want to hear about. My husband is also wonderful, so all is good on the home front.

  3. Work is good. But I just spent an unbelievable amount of time doing something that six other people already did; the person who asked me to do it probably already knew that but asked me to do it anyway, probably because of a personal agenda. Given my day yesterday and today and given the fact that my typical reaction to stress is to laugh my ass off, I did exactly that - laughed almost hysterically for a few minutes then got some lunch and back to work.

Well, back to work once more.