three strike rule for corporations

Okay… so a corporation is a ‘person’ legally, correct? Well many states have a three strike rule, which gives a person a life sentence after 3 convicted felonies. Does this apply to a corporation? If so… how does it apply. If not… why?

I doubt it. You can’t imprison a corporation. You could imprison the CEO and individual executives, but you’d need to convict them personally.

I’m all for a bit more restriction on corporate charters, but it’s a practical impossibility to convict a corporation per se of anything.

A corporation is not legally a person. There are ways in which the laws treat corporations in a fashion analogous to the ways a person is treated, but that’s all.

Corporations can file a lawsuit, for example, but they can’t marry or vote or a million other things. And so the three strikes law doesn’t apply.

natural person

There’s not a three-strikes law in the country that doesn’t require at least one VIOLENT felony somewhere in the chain. I defy you to find a violent felony that can be committed by a corporation.

Well, my telephone company regularly fucks me up the arse without my consent… :).

Corporations have “virtual personhood.” Virtual personhood allows the corporation to own property and file lawsuits. It also protects the shareholders and employees, since lawsuits are filed against the company, not the people.

In the UK at least we have corporate manslaughter

According to that site,

I’m not sure that a grossly negligent act or omission is a felony, even if somebody dies.

Has the idea of “corporate house arrest” ever been floated? It’s crossed my mind from time to time that just as we deprive people of their liberty for a certain amount of time when they’ve committed a crime, it might be fitting if the government could somehow prevent corporations from doing business for a certain amount of time should they be found to have violated regulations, committed fraud, etc. Would this be unfeasible, or just unpopular?

There is no legal way the government can keep a business from functioning temporarily. It’s also unfeasible. How would you start the business up again? What happens to the employees in the meantime? The plants, offices, and warehouses? The supplies and their contracts?

The government can bar companies from competing for government contracts.