Three Wives, One Husband (Netflix)

I watched “Three Wives, One Husband” on Netflix.

The show is in Season One, and four episodes are available on Netflix.

Up until Episode 4, the one where Enoch goes to the Statehouse to speak against an anti-polygamy bill, Enoch had 3 wives.

In Epsidoe 4, the political episode, he now just claims/has two wives.
It seems like one wife (the crying one and the one who had a baby) has just disappeard.

What happened? Where did she go? Did the show not feel this disappearing wife was of any interest to viewers? I find it odd that a whole wife and kids would disappear and no one would mention it.

I only looked at a review or two. I’ve never seen it to know if it was clearly presented. At the start Enoch had two wives and was pursuing a potential third. (Cite)