Throttle bittorrent when computer is in use?

And just to make things difficult I can’t install Tomato firmware on the router, and I realize that is the easy way to do it.

Is there any way to set utorrent to throttle up and download when someone is actually using a PC and then go back to full up and download once the PC isn’t being used?

Anyway to do that over a network without installing firmware on the router?

I may be misunderstanding the question but Utorrent has throttle settings. It also has a scheduler so if you know approximate times when someone will be using the computer you can schedule them to match that. I don’t know about any other clients though.

I think OP means having the torrent software automatically throttle when the computer starts being used, and unthrottle when it is idle - like a screensaver or whatnot.

Bingo, I don’t see any settings in utorrent for that. The problem is someone sits down to use the PC and gets pissed about the slow bandwidth and just kills utorrent. If there was a way to have it stop and then start again automatically that would be solved.