Throw some shrimp on the barbie

It’s going to get into the low-50s tomorrow, so why not light up the barbie?

I’m thinking of coating some some large-ish shell-on prawns with Cajun seasoning (I make extra for such occasions), skewering them, and grilling them over charcoal. While I’m at it, I may as well grill some oysters. And a couple of little steaks. (No thought to the veg yet.)

So about these prawns… I only use them in recipes (stir-fry, jambalaya, etc.) and have never grilled any. What do you think of my tossing them in Cajun seasoning with the shells on? Might be too much seasoning if I peeled them first. If not that, and if peeling is preferred, what sort of marinade? My first thought would be to use the same stuff as the oysters: melted butter, minced garlic, a pinch of salt, and a pinch of oregano.

I’m making myself hungry. I hope I don’t get lazy tomorrow!

ME: So if I make prawns, I’ll already have the grill lit. May as well make some char-grilled oysters too.
SO: Ooh!
ME: And as long as I’m making prawns and oysters, I may as well make some filet mignon or some kind of small steak.

I think she likes the idea.

I told her not to let me get lazy.

Slice a sirloin steak edgewise to make a ‘purse’ stuff that purse with raw oysters and seal with skewers. Dry rub the steak on the outside and grill to medium-rare.

Try a wild one: if you get live prawns, drown them in strong gin or clear rum. Take them out and drain a bit, crust them up with rock salt and some pepper, grill. Eat with a lemon or vinegar dip.

the_diego: You really need to try char-grilled oysters!

I cook them on the half-shell ove coals and never to evaporate the liquor.

Um, okay… now what?

Personally, I’d take the shells off, toss them in a little oil, then sprinkle on a little cajun seasoning and let 'em marinate while the coals get hot. I think with grilling, not enough of the seasoning will get through if the shells are on.

Unsolicited grilled shrimp recipe:

[li]Take a bunch of shrimp with the shells off[/li][li]Pour some maple syrup into a container and toss with the shrimp.[/li][li]Throw in a couple tablespoons of chili garlic sauce out of a jar and stir to coat[/li][li]You want to have enough marinade to be able to apply some as they cook[/li][li]Marinate in the fridge for a couple of hours[/li][li]Grill, spooning some of the marinade on as they grill[/li][/ul]

First tried this in the late 80’s, so we called 'em Mapplethorpe Shrimp.

This is what I ended up doing:

Softened butter, minced garlic, black pepper, a pinch of salt, and a pinch of dried oregano.

I shucked a dozen of the biggest oysters I could find, and put the butter mixture into each one. These went over the coals until they were done, and then were topped with freshly-grated parmesan. They served as the appetiser.

I bought a nicely-marbled 0.75 lb New York steak and cut it in half so we could share it. It went on the grill next. Corn on the cob was buttered, wrapped in foil, and put onto the grill with the steak.

I did end up peeling the prawns. They went on the skewers, four large ones each, and were basted with the melted version of what I put in the oysters. Onto the grill! Basted again, and then taken off and put into the remaining melted butter mixture.

Verdict: Oh, my. I’ll have to do this again!