Throwing a hatchet into a tree. Overhand or underhand?

In my blissful summer boredom I have taken a keen interest in throwing my new Hatchet at an old stump behind our barn. I’ve only made it stick once. It seems to lose trajectory and flop on it’s side. Luckily I am 20 feet away and it can’t bounce back and hit me, however, it does incite a yell from my wife…“Hey, your gonna hit yourself…STOP THAT!!” :slight_smile:

Anyway…what am I doing wrong? Should I throw it side arm? Overhand? I have been throwing it over hand with mixed results?

Maybe this should be in MPSIMS?

Just draw the life-size outline of a man on the target, and your axe will hit him in the crotch and stick.
It worked for Ed Ames…

Is your particular hatchet designed to be thrown? My son has specific hatchets for throwing, that pretty much stick everytime - provided he throws with the same velocity, at the same distance. I’m guessing one that is weighted to be thrown would be almost a necessity. BTW, he always throws overhand.

No axe-throwing expert here, but I’ve always seen it done overhand. I presume that where you hold it makes a big difference (like when throwing a knife, I’ve always been told to hold the blade).

Here’s a link with some photos that probably isn’t too helpful.

And something with more information than you’d ever want to know.

Good luck, I was never any good at this.

Indeed, a normal work oriented hatchet makes a poor throwing weapon. Try something like here for one a little more sure fire.

Overhand: How to throw a tomahawk.

buy this .

or one of these, the Hunga-Munga (not the blonde).