Thumbs-up gesture in Israel and Jewish culture

Inspired by this Cracked article on 7 innocent gestures that can get you killed overseas - it mentions that the innocuous thumbs-up gesture in the Middle East means ‘swivel on this’. I Googled it and Wiki backs this up stating it’s a bad idea in Afghanistan and Iran. But it also says;

Eh? I’ve never heard this before and further Googling gives us nothing. Could any Israeli or Jewish Dopers clear up if it’d be a bad idea to give the thumbs up (or down, or the ‘not sure’ wiggle) in their respective cultures?

It’s not something I’ve encountered personally.

I understand that it’s considered an insulting gesture in certain Muslim countries, so you may get some flack from older immigrants from those places, but all in all, Israelis use the gesture the same way Americans do.

Thanks Alessan, thought it sounded a bit odd but I didn’t want to embarrass myself someday.