ThunderBird questions

Recently, my father collected a nasty virus on his computer. After I spent the better part of two days and mounds of stress working on his computer, I managed to save most of his files and reinstall Windows. In the aftermath I am making sure he does a better job of protecting his computer. I installed all the necessary anti-spyware and virus programs, along with Firefox and ThunderBird.

The issue at hand is my fathers acceptance of ThunderBird. He lives on his emails, however, I’m sure it is a source of his infection problems. I’ve told him to use it for a few days and if there are irreconcilable differences he may switch back to Outlook (urg!). Personally, I do not use either Outlook or ThunderBird so I don’t have any experience dealing with his complaints when comparing them against one another. I’m downloading a theme to make it look like Outlook; that should make him more comfortable using it.

Can people suggest other extensions to download which will make his transitions progress more smoothly and keep him away from the darkside. Right now his principal complaints regard the address book setting (he cannot easily add addresses, multiple address issues, etc). Thanks.

If he is a ‘willi-nilli’ email opener and clicks on all trhe fun links that get FWD to him, you are sunk.

Good antivirus suit and keep it and the normal spyware stuff up to snuff and just hope if yoiu can’t get him to mend his ways.

Are you close nuff to go by once or twice a week and spend an hour cleaning and scanning his computer for him?

I won’t use any email system that makes me download the email before I can see subject line and sender. I also won’t open any email that has embedded stuff in it. Having everything as an attachment means I can refuse it before it ever gets to my puter.

Good luck. Us old farts are set in our ways and drive our kids nuts. Just like we did our parents. Your turn will come. :wink:

It’s not the mail client that’s the issue, it’s clicking on attachments. Outlook Express is no more or less prone to this these days than anything else, and it’s likely your ISP is already filtering for both spam and viruses.

Even downloading a virus onto your computer isn’t a problem if you don’t click on it..