See this link-

The Thunderbirds are back! International Rescue rides again! :cool:

But, they don’t seem to list the schedule. :frowning:

Any word on date/time?

As long as I get to hear the THUNDERBIRD march again ill be happy.

[slight hijack]
So what is FAB, than?
[/slight hijack]

August 5 is the start date. And according to CINESCAPE, a big screen version is in the works with Jonathan Frakes rumored to direct.

FAB is a contraction of fabulous, spelled out as in “F-A-B, Jeff” to make it sound a bit more militaristic.

I’m not sure I like the idea of reviving the series as a live-action movie, however. The qualities that made the original program magical can’t survive the transformation – it would be like shooting Toy Story in live action.