Thundercats Reboot apparently canceled

According to here. Shame, I liked it.

well that just ruined my night.

some things i didnt care for (like panthros new robotic super stretchy arms) but on the whole i was really enjoying it.

The hell? Does Cartoon netowrk just have a terrible fear of making money?

Yes. Yes they do. They’re also terrified of quality. That’s why they go out of their way to screw any good shows they get out of an audience. The Secret Saturdays and Symbionic Titan were fantastic shows but they suffered from a lack of advertizing, lack of air time, and random schedule changes. :mad:

I’m hoping that this is just a Spring/Summer list and that Thundercats and Generator Rex will be back in the Fall.

I’m hoping it’ll return. Scooby Doo, MAD, and Beyblade weren’t on that list either and they’re all coming back. There’s a slim chance, but since new toys weren’t released that’s probably bad news. The only other plus is that this isn’t a CN original like Secret Saturdays or Titan, so they can’t poof it away so easily, and the ratings aren’t too bad. :frowning:

How much does it cost them per episode versus how much it generates in revenue? If it was cancelled it was probably over production costs.

No clue. It’s probably a combination of costs and toy sales with low ratings. That sealed Titan’s fate as well. Andrea Romano has said they haven’t been told to start production yet (I read that at toonzone, but she said it in February so maybe something has changed since then), so Thundercats is likely done. Shame. Today’s episode was pretty good.

Oh, goody, now they’ll have even more time to show reruns of* Level Up! *:rolleyes:

I enjoyed that show. I enjoyed the original as well.