Thursday nights on BBC-America is the *real* Must-See TV!

Well the Frinks have finally decided to spring for Digital Cable. In a coldly calculated move, our local cable company replaced The Sundance Channel with a religious channel! The only way to get Sundance now is to subscribe to their digital cable service. So we bit the bullet & subscribed.

I really do like it, I must say. The Discovery Science, Discovery Civilization and History International channels are addicting!

But best of all: After exploring their website, I’ve discovered that, beginning** April 18**, Thursday nights on BBC-America will have an unbeatable line-up*! Check it out:

[ul][li]at 7PM they showThe Young Ones– a hysterical show…Monty Python’s surrealistic humor with an '80s “punk” attitude.[/li][li]followed byMen Behaving Badlyat 7:40PM-- not to be confused with the lame Americanized version…this one’s actually funny![/li][li]and at 9PM is Manchild – a new BBC comedy about 4 single men in their 40s who are trying to recapture their youth. One of the stars of the show is Anthony Stewart Head, who played Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.[/li][/ul]
This line-up definitely makes the upgrade to digital cable worth it. Especially since rerun season on network TV will be starting soon! But since I’m new to this channel, I’m wondering: Are there any other BBC-America shows that are worth a look?
** all times Central *

Keeping Up Appearances is very funny…also, Waiting For God has it’s moments…and Father Ted is a hoot.
Unfortunately, really good BBC series usually have a grand total of 6 episodes and then end. I can think of hundreds of networks shows that should do the same, but you would think certain BBC hit shows could at least run a couple of seasons!

Woah- you freaked me out for a second there, til I saw your “Central” disclaimer. Which means I’m correct- 10PM EST for Manchild. I already have my VCR set. Can you tell I’m a bit excited? ASH in a SAUNA. Color me there.

Changing Rooms is good- it’s the British version of Trading Spaces. I’ve gotten some great decorating ideas from them, and it’s nice to see people actually trying to do something they think their friends will LIKE (as opposed to TS’s mission to ruin everyones’ lives). Also, Ground Force is a must-see at the Kitty House. Mr. Kitty has a thing for Charlie.

And don’t forget Black Adder. And Monty Python.

Welcome to the world of the Anglophile. :smiley: