Thus Spoke, Spake, or Sprach Zarathustra?

I recently made a reference to the Strauss musical piece and the text of Nietzsche, but I got confused on the internet search, it seems to be evenly divided on spelling it “spoke” to the ones that spelled it “spake”, and on top of that, there are other spellings like Sprach or even Spak! Translation problems? What is the correct spelling?

Also Sprach Zarathustra is the original German title. The ‘Thus Spoke’ and ‘Thus Spake’ variants are both acceptable English translations.

O yeah, I forgot that there was a problem on many preferring “Also” instead of “Thus”

That also threw me many times off course in my searches. :smack:

Thanks for the cite **duality72 **

Part of the confusion may be that the German word “also” (= thus, therefore, so) looks just like the English word “also,” though its meaning is completely different.

Then there’s the Spike Jones version, “This Spike Zarathustra.”