TI-81 Calculator

Is it possible to program games on my TI(Teaxas Instruments)
81 ( a calulator) without downloading off the internet.

If so, how do I do it? Links?

Yes. Read the manual.

Yeah, reading the manual is one of those “Something I might consider if I had some free time” things. In the meantime, downloading games off the net, finding someone else w/ a TI-81 and games or going to a site that has the code written out in addition to the actual program are your options. Links I have none, I’m sure someone else here has em.

The TI-81 has very limited memory. Newer models (like the TI-89) have more memory and can hold more (or bigger) games.

There are plenty of sites that have existing games you can download and program into your calc. Or, like friedo said…read the manual. Then you can create your own!

Back in high school, I created quite a few games for my calulator (Hi-Lo, Tic-Tac-Toe, Golf, 3-D maze, etc.). My favorite game was “Bathroom Hunt”. You had to search a house for keys to unlock doors in order to find the bathroom before you wet yourself. :slight_smile: