Tiger Mum vs Serenity Parenting

I wasn’t sure whether to put this in the debate section, but interesting discussion between authors of recent books with differing advice.

I’d like to know if there’s anyone who follows John Rosemond’s approach. I don’t mean, do they read his books and take a tough stance on homework. I mean, do they confine their kids to their rooms for months (for the first infraction, “so they’ll never forget”), mock them, belittle them, change the rules on them without warning, and generally do all they can to break their spirits? And I’m not exaggerating: he really does advocate breaking the spirit. Because all children are born bad, according to him.

He has a tone of utter contempt for children and teens. Some of his case histories could just as easily be presented as examples of psychological abuse (although they also seem made up). Overall, his “advice” seems like it’s aimed at people who somehow got stuck with kids and want to carry on as if they don’t have any. It’s all about pushing the child away while demanding total subjugation. I don’t see how anyone who loves their child could treat them the way Rosemond advocates. Does anyone, or is he an outlier?