Tikhon Khrennikov is Dead

I think I speak for all Americans when I say, Who?

He was a Soviet composer and head of the composer’s union. He was Stalin’s boy and helped keep music along strictly Soviet lines. So he was somewhat interesting.

But look at this, here is the obit from the Daily Telegraph. Note the words “despotic,” “terrorized,” and “cravenly.”

Now look over here at the obit in the New York Times. Note the words “prolific,” “official Soviet antagonist,” and “able to survive in the perilous currents of Soviet politics.”

It is enough to make you think the Times is leaning over backwards (and to the left) to excuse Khrennikov’s life. (Or of course that the Telegraph is leaning to the right.) In any case, an interesting case of two distinct points of view.

Meanwhile, here at the SDMB, we’re all thinking, “damn, there’s six easy points I missed.”

Well, yeah, that goes without saying.

But Rachm Qoch got them, didn’t he? :smiley:

Ya’ can prove nothing Rachm Qoch has never even been indicted, let alone convicted.