TIL that the official Wendy's Twitter account opines thoughtfully on contemporary culture.

Who knew?

This was the one that first caught my attention:

But then poking around their timeline (only in the replies, natch), I found this.

Is some cinephile intern joyriding until they get caught? Or is this something about Wendy’s corporate culture? I’m so confused. :confused:

Started about a year ago:

Huh! Interesting article, thanks. So she left in March; I guess since then they’ve just encouraged others to be a little more interesting than the usual corporate line.

I wasn’t aware of this either, but today I saw this tweet from Wendy’s slagging McDonald’s and I was all “OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH SNAP!!”

Sassy corporate Twitter accounts are a thing of beauty. The Cleveland Indians’ account is one of my faves!