Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter have reproduced

It’s a boy.

The baby was born wearing masscara and dressed in velvet and black lace.

So, was his name John Peter Bonham Carter Burton, then?

(which, by the way, is actually pronounced “Throat-warbler mangrove”)

THey shouldn’t have. Have you seen TIm Burton?

This kid is going to have an “interesting” childhood, to say the least. I mean, the bedtime stories alone

In any case, three cheers for the happy couple! And a special kudos to Burton, for adding his unique genetic code to the human genepool. Future generations thank him.

And…I guess we can safely say that Mr. Burton won’t be working with Jeffery Jones again, now. :wink:


I confess to looking forward to his remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, though…

When did he divorce that blonde?

That child will be the palest child on the planet.

She was sometimes brunette, but anyway… . They were “engaged” for about nine years but never married; they separated two years ago.

So… I guess he was boxing Helena then, no?


I found a photo of the baby–he has his mummy’s eyebrow!

I know what to get for the baby show - a 55-gallon drum of No More Tangles[sup]tm[/sup] Shampoo!!