Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2010)

I am an unashamed Tim Burton fan and I think this should be interesting.

The IMDB does not have the casting yet, so I thought maybe we could have some fun with it.

Obviously Johnny Depp will be in it. Probably as the Mad Hatter.
Helena Bonham Carter could easily be the Queen of Hearts.

Here is the list of major characters:

The White Rabbit
The Mouse
The Dodo
The Lory
The Eaglet
The Duck
Bill the Lizard
The Caterpillar
The Duchess
The Cheshire Cat
The Hatter
The March Hare
The Dormouse
The Queen of Hearts
The Knave of Hearts
The King of Hearts
The Gryphon
The Mock Turtle

Tim Burton does some pretty amazing visual stuff, but - :dons flame-retardant suit: - I wish he would take his lack of storytelling ability and cringeworthy casting choices and go home. I’m sick of his movies. And on top of that, this is just unnecessary. How many times has Alice been on screen? We need another?

Who is the current “Christina Ricci” / “Winona Ryder” who would clearly be chosen to play Alice? Someone with a pretty-but-dark side to them, and aged around fifteen. Perhaps Anna-Sophia Robb, who was in Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

The Queen of Hearts will be played by Helena Bonham-Carter.

I wish he wasn’t going over such well worn ground. If there’s one work that has been reinterpreted too many times in a style similar to Burton’s it’s Alice in Wonderland (second only to The Wizard of Oz). Give me Tim Burton’s The Jungle Book or Tim Burton’s The Little Mermaid and I might be more interested (Hans Christian Anderson in particular would be a good match for his filter).

Yeah, me too. Plus, you totally know the best roles are going to Depp and Bonham Carter no matter what. I mean, they’re great, but maybe a little variety? And his movies all look so over the top now with the graphics and all–Charlie and the Chocolate Factory just kind of overstimulated me. It didn’t look REAL. Sweeney Todd was okay, but again, a little over the top for me. If he went back to his Beetlejuice or Edward Scissorhands or Batman look, I wouldn’t mind. Those actually felt real.

Johnny Depp will play Alice, of course, since she’s the main character.

I can see this. Of course, I’m seeing it as “Tim Burton’s American McGee’s Alice”, but I’m seeing it.

Maybe Abigail Breslin from Nim’s Island and Little Miss Sunshine.

That’s on the horizon, too. I’m more interested in that one. (Loved the game, and I wish he’d found a buyer for his Oz game.)

Jean Marsh?! Seriously?!

I don’t think I have ever seen more perfect casting in a film…

Bavmorda! (Jean Marsh is an exellent choice.)

I’m not too sure about Gellar. She’s done convincing drama before, but I’ve only seen Whedon actually weedle it out of her. Here’s hoping she can pull of snarky Alice.

Milla Jovovich was attached to that for a long time. Wonder what happened.

Just how far out into infinity are films projected on IMDB? Seriously.

It looks like 2013.


Well filming is suppose to start this year, so I think this one will actually happen.

The Indy Project has been “in production” for years and even had Natalie Portman and Sean Connery listed for a while about 2 or 3 years back.

Good find, what search technique did you use to find that one?

It’s been on Linklater’s and Hawke’s pages for a couple years.

I just went to:


and went ahead year by year.

Thanks, that looks useful for many type of searches.

Marvelous! Tim Burton will be the perfect director for Alice in Wonderland. And I’m sure Danny Elfman will produce a haunting and magical score.

Ellen Page should play Alice.
In any case, they will have to try to surpass the 1999 edition of Alice in Wonderland. I’m truly delighted with the news!