Time chooses the 100 best TV shows

Of all time, even.

I haven’t seen all of these, but I don’t see anything to disagree with, or any glaring omissions, except maybe Sports Night.

The site could take awhile to explore. There are video clips for each entry. :smiley:

I liked the list, but I think they should’ve included more English shows. Blackadder, Ab Fab, As Time Goes By…glaring omissions, those.

I see *Trek *and *Buffy *made it so I’m pleased to see my past and current favorites get nods but am somewhat disappointed to see *Scrubs *didn’t make the cut.


My favorite.


I Love Lucy is on the list, which renders the whole thing suspect at best.

Word. I also note that The Venture Bros. is not on the list.

If Lucy wasn’t it would be a major oversight. It’s one of the most influential shows ever made.

Everyone is going to have favorites that aren’t on the list and can’t stand some of the shows on the list (24? Really?) but all in all it’s a very thoughtful list. There was stuff that I really like that wouldn’t expect to make such a list (Mystery Science Theater 3000), it wasn’t weighed too much with recent shows (though with five decades of major programming and 100 entries they are well represented), and it was really varied.

There’s a handful I would argue don’t belong on the list (The Office - both versions, The Odd Couple, Lost, King of the Hill, Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development) but overall it’s a good cut. The two I wanted to make sure were the Ernie Kovacs Show and See It Now, and with those in place I pretty comfortable with the list.

The list doesn’t say “Influential,” it says “Best.” Therefore any inclusion of Lucielle Ball in any fashion whatsoever is a travesty. She wasn’t the best, she was only the first.

Oh, man, that shit is cold.

My first thought in scanning the list is that it really ought to have Northern Exposure on it.

Although overall, it seems pretty solid.

Zoggie writes:

> I liked the list, but I think they should’ve included more English shows.
> Blackadder, Ab Fab, As Time Goes By…glaring omissions, those.

In the justification that James Poniewozik gives, he says:

> I included British shows, for instance, but not many, and generally those that
> got wide exposure on American TV. Because I’m American, and we’re like that.

It appears to me that this is a list of shows which were important to American audiences, where “important” is some sort of an average between “best” and “most influential.”

They missed Rome. I would put that in the top 10. Other than that, it looks OK.

No Frasier?

No Little House on the Prairie?

No The Waltons?

Only Star Trek: TOS?


I don’t know why people eat up lists like this. Unless someone has watched every TV show ever made, I don’t see how they could know what the best are.

I guess I’m just salty because I don’t see a lot of my favorite and almost-favorite shows listed. Like, I’m surprised Frasier is not on there.

I think it’s kind of weird that short-run, prematurely canceled shows like My So-Called Life and Freaks and Geeks got included along with long-running programs. Don’t get me wrong. I think those were good shows that never had a chance, but that’s just it. They didn’t have a chance to get really bad or really good. It’s like taking a 90-year-old guy who’s spent his life serving his community and living an overalll righteous life and comparing him with a 9 month old baby who looks cute and makes us smile right before he chokes to death. They just seem more like honorable mentions, to me.

No Firefly

No Black Books (UK)

Heresy, I tells ya

True, but what does “best” mean anyway? I think most of the shows on the list demonstrated at least a few seasons of high quality and originality. Works for me.

Frasier’s omission is puzzling – maybe because it was a spinoff? There are no spinoffs on the list.

I love lists. I know I’m not alone. Lists are everywhere. If nothing else, they’re good for starting discussions. (Like prizes and awards.)

Read Poniewozik’s justification of how he chose the shows. It’s right there in the link under “How I Chose the List.” He says that he didn’t generally pick spin-offs.

I think the list should clearly be called

Time chooses the 100 best American TV shows

That seems like a wacky arbitrary rule that takes away from the meaningfulness of the list. IMHO.