Time for a new roof?

How do I know when it’s time to get a new roof for my house? A handyman recently told me I should consider getting one soon (he’s not a roofer) but as long as I have no leaks, does it really matter? The shingles are curling along the edges and there is some shingle debris in the gutters. This is a big ticket item for me and I want to postpone it as long as possible but don’t want to damage the house in any other way by waiting too long.

How old is your current roof? That’s one of the factors to consider when deciding. The curled edges are another factor. When you say there’s “shingle debris” in the gutters, do you mean sandy stuff, or pieces of shingle? If it’s pieces, the balance is tipping further toward a new roof. If you can see shingle pieces missing, that’s not a good sign. Sandy stuff doesn’t matter.

This is not a complete answer. I haven’t seen your roof, and I’m not a roofer. However, if you have “yes” answers to a couple of these questions, and the roof is 15 or 20 years old, maybe it’s time to ask a pro’s opinion.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how old the roof is. I’ve been living in the house 7 years and don’t know the roof history before that. The debris in the gutter is the sandy type. Can I assume if the roof doesn’t leak, it’s OK to hold out and continue to pray for a hailstorm so insurance covers the new roof?

Make sure that if you do hire a roofer, his name is not Jack. Otherwise if by chance he gets stuck on the roof, you will have to help your roofer Jack off.

I went to the place where roof shingles are bought by contractors. I asked them to reccomend roofers. I got my roof done at about 50% what most places estimated and they did a very good job.