Time for Lent

Is Lent strictly Catholic, or does is span out to all Christians, perhaps the hard core protestants. The Jesuits at my alma mater would be very disappointed in me right now. Oh well.

What are you giving up?

Myself: Road Rage and Beer

It is certainly not restricted to Catholics - my church is evangelical, charasmatic Church of England and there are a lot of people there taking Lent very seriously indeed.


Episcopalians observe Lent officially. My mom’s Southern Baptist and she observes Lent to the extent that she gives up chocolate.

In an attempt to bring the thread back to GQ territory, I offer you this link from two years ago:
Lent: Do You Have To Give Up Things on Sundays?

The question being: To what extent are Sundays included in Lent / the lenten season / Triduum ?

There are good reasons for both arguments, but the tradition seems to be on the side of not keeping (strict) lent on Sunday.