Time off for Voting. Your State?

Minnesota has a lovely state law; Minnesota Statutes 204C.04 which allows you to take time off from work as necessary to vote. As per the linked (Secretary of State) web page;

Minnesota Statutes 204C.04 allows employees to take time off for the time necessary to vote in a state election without a reduction in pay.


Since the law specifically states that an employer may not directly or indirectly refuse or interfere with an employee’s right to vote, employers cannot instruct employees of when during work hours employees are excused to go and vote. However, employers may request that employees provide notification as to when they will be gone and request that employees coordinate their absences so as to minimize adverse impact on the workplace. Any complaints should be filed with the county attorney. A violation of this statute is a misdemeanor.


Subd. 1. Right to be absent. Every employee who is eligible to vote in an election has the right to be absent from work for the time necessary to appear at the employee’s polling place, cast a ballot, and return to work on the day of that election, without penalty or deduction from salary or wages because of the absence. An employer or other person may not directly or indirectly refuse, abridge, or interfere with this right or any other election right of an employee.

So if you are in Minnesota and are reading this, take time off from work to go vote!!!

I know other states are not as generous. How does this work in your state?


Polls run here 6am-7pm so I’ve never had problem finding time but I don’t work a job with 12 hour shifts or anything.