Time to celebrate Straight Dope February birthdays! :)

Don’t forget me, February 22nd. I’ll be turning fifteen.

Thanks, Flam, and happy B-day to all the rest of us Febrarians! :slight_smile:

Guess I’ll be the first leap-baby to check in…on Feb 29th, I’ll celebrate my 9th birthday.

Coincidentally, my twin brother will also…

Go Fish!

turning 28 on the 10th. 30 getting ever closer…

February 1, 1971 checking in!

I turned 33 yesterday but I regularly get mistaken for a college student. People often think my boyfriend is years older than me but he’s actually two years younger! :slight_smile: (And he’s a February birthday too, the 5th, but he’s not a member of the SDMB so I guess he doesn’t count.)

I turn 37 on the 28th.

My birthday’s the 21st.

Hey thanks.

Happy birthday to all my fellow February Dopers.

That’s me. :slight_smile: Happy Waitangi Day for Friday (the same day as my birthday…)

Nice song parody, Eats_Crayons. :slight_smile: I trust you passed your birthday without anyone making you feel excessively old.

Waitangi Day, Jervoise? Sounds interesting…

Jervoise referred to the New Zealand national holiday on last Friday, Flami. It’s called Waitangi Day after the Treaty of Waitangi signed in 1840.

Mines the same as Enright3. happy birthday everyone! :slight_smile:

Thanks Flamsterette. I’ll be 44 on the 18th. Hopefully, I’m getting a house for my birthday. Y’all cross your fingers.

I’ll be 33 on the 10th. 30 is just a vague memory to me(as is lunch).

It’s February 9th! It’s my double-nickel birthday! I wanna cake with ALL my candles on it – maybe that will keep me warm in this wintry weather.

My birthday is the 12th also.
Anyone else get a lot of moaning and groaning from their spouse or SO about how close their bday is to Valentine’s Day?
For that matter, any Valentine bdays here?

Yeah, mine’s on the 12th too. I’m single this year but thinking back I did get a “combined” gift one year. My ex-SO’s reason? He could only come up with one gift idea…guess he forgot about chocolate. :rolleyes:

It’s the 15th for me. I’ll be 32.
I do not give/recieve anything for Vanlentines Day ever.
But this is just because it is not that popular in Germany so I’m not mad.

Happy Birthday all February dopers . . . Hal it’s nice to share a birthday with you (last Saturday)

I’m still suffering the effects from mine - I’m 27 now so it’s time to grow up I guess. :frowning:

Add me to the list of February babies also. I will be another year older Feb. 16

Wow, how did I miss the Birthday thread? Usually I pop in to say:
Wishing you a good day, a good year and a good life.