Time to cool down a 6 pack of 12 oz beer bottles in the freezer. Need answer fast!

12 oz glass bottles of this stuff put into the freezer section of a typical side by side refrigerator. How long till ideal 6 pack temp is reached chilled? Two six packs went in at 4 PM. Freezer section is only lightly populated with food.

Want them chilled but not (obviously) frozen. Clock is ticking!

The difference between “not long enough” and “too long!” is measured in microseconds. Stick them in a bucket with ice and water. They’ll chill faster than in the freezer and you won’t risk killing your beer.

Besides, it’s a Belgian Brown. It shouldn’t be chilled below 50ºF anyway.

If you have enough ice, put them in a bucket of ice water. Much faster and you won’t freeze 'em.

Salt the water and jiggle them around every now and then.

I’m at work and sans bucket so any rough guidelines appreciated so I don’t have to keep checking them every 3 minutes or so.

I do remember a local drug store had a wine chiller which was a ice water whirlpool bath. I think a full bottle only took 5-7 minutes so 15-20 minutes as a guess.

I’ve never timed our freezer. Any beer in the house lives in the fridge.

Salt the water. Lots of ice.

Pulled them from freezer to fridge at 4:30 PM due to concern about freezing. Pulled from fridge @ 4:50 PM. Not frosty cold, but reasonably cool to be drinkable. Thanks for responses.

Step 1)If it were me, toss them in the freezer for 45 minutes to 1 hour
Step 2)Put them in the fridge.

We can’t get that in Wisconsin right now. When Brewmasters aired, my store was wiped out of everything Dogfish Head, my distributor hasn’t been able to restock since then and Dogfish is talking about completely pulling out of a handful of states until the demand subsides.

We toured the Dogfish brewery in Georgetown DE yesterday. The guide said pulling out of several low volume states including wi is a done deal.

Sometimes that’s not a bad thing. I’d rather see a beer company stay smaller and do a really good job, then be huge and not do as well. In Wisconsin we have New Glarus brewing. Their beer is amazing, Uff-da is the best Bock I’ve ever had, but they don’t distribute outside Wisconsin. In fact, I know plenty of people will come over the boarder from Illinois and Minnesota just to pick up a couple of cases for themselves. They’ve said they just wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand and maintain the quality of the expanded outside Wisconsin.

ETA, I guess I’ll stop trying to order it from my distributor every week. I wonder if should raise the price on the few Dogfish things I have left. Ya know, since supply is zero now.