Time to replace my iPad?

I’m currently using a (sluggish) 3.5 year old (2nd gen) iPad - mainly for web browsing and light gaming. It’s getting gradually more and more slow, the web browser crashes usually every other day or so. Is it time for a replacement? Are current iPads/tablets much better ?


The new iPads are significantly faster.
There are things you can do to speed up your old iPad:


I’ve read on this board that one should ignore the OS updates, as they eat memory like a bag of chips, sort of a programmed failure by Apple.

I had an older Gen 2 ipad and had the same problems. It was dog slow and the browser crashed all the time. I even did the hard reset. Didn’t do a lick of good.
I’ve since upgraded to the smaller (9") iPad Pro. It runs perfectly fine.
I buy into the theory Chefguy mentioned how Apple achieves a forced obsolescence of their products through iOS updates.

It’s got less to do with tinfoil hat theories and more to do with running a fairly underpowered 5-year-old piece of tech in a modern environment.

The folks who I was referring to on this board have been iPad users for several years. I suppose they could all be wearing colanders, but I doubt it.

I thought the opposite was true, the iOS updates often improve the performance of older devices?

No idea, as I’m not a techie. The consensus seemed to be that the updates consume a huge amount of space, eventually overwhelming the iPad’s memory.

I’m referring to “programmed failure” and “forced obsolesce.” That is firmly tinfoil territory.

iOS 8 was the one and only update that caught flak for being too large as an OTA release. Once installed, it did not consume an excessive amount of space nor did it overwhelm the memory.

I have a 3rd Generation ipad (the first one with a retina display) which is now 4 years old, it’s running latest iOS and it’s still fine, fast and responsive for web browsing and can run almost any game (very very few require later ipads).

I’m planning to get an iPad Pro soon anyway but not because this one is too slow just because I want the faster one to experiment with some things and try out the video editing tools on it.

I surrender to those not technically impaired.

Same here. It got sluggish for a bit last year and I went through and deleted a bunch of apps, and did a few other things suggested online, and it’s running fine.

Unfortunately, for the last few months it has started freezing, and/or randomly rebooting itself (sometimes I have to restart it a couple of times to get it going). Not so great, given I use it as an alarm clock.

This really has been my ideal device, but I think it’s time to buy a new one…