Time to see Dr. Poopersnooper

Hey I want them to get a want a clear picture.
But, Really a light breakfast and then @ 2p.m. 3 dulcolax and 3 ltrs. of peglyte?
Wow I drink a lot of water everyday and I can go with no heavy meal but what’s the straight colon?
Sorry,Is there?
What should and shouldn’t consume. Before the big picture.

Medical advice is best suited to IMHO.

You might get a better response if you were clearer about what you were asking.

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Yeh um, colonoscopy.

Didn’t your doctor give you a hand-out with the list of allowed and not allowed foods and beverages?

Clear stuff, nothing with red or purple dye…

I’m not a doctor, so my first response to your situation is probably medically unsound.

However, what could go wrong with downing several litres of lube?

A friend who had to go through that once advised: “Don’t wear pants you can’t take down quickly, don’t get more than 5 steps from your commode, and unless you like surprises, don’t bend over to pick anything up.”

Maybe he was just joking though…

Fecal continence does vary from one person to another. I didn’t have an issue with reaching the toilet, although at times I was moving very fast. My spouse, on the other hand, pretty much just camped out in the bathroom.

General rule: nothing but clear fluids past a certain time point (which your doctor should have told you. If he didn’t, call his office and find out.) That means things like broth (no solid bits in it), clear gelatin, soft drinks, water, apple juice but NOTHING RED!!! At all.

But really, call the doc’s office if you’re not sure. You want a good prep for a good test so you don’t have to do this all over.

When I went through this I got sick of soft drinks, and craved something salty. Clear consommé was the answer.

The procedure itself was easier than the prep.

So I’ve heard. But having reached that age where doctors are fascinated with my lower GI tract, I found they now prefer to do “high colonoscopy” as far up into the small intestine as they can… which is much more painful and invasive and done under anesthesia. One more reason to keep forgetting to set a date.

I wonder if the governor of Colorado ever got a Hickenlooper Poopersnooper?

My recent “regular colonoscopy” was done under anesthesia. It was my understanding that they all are.

Yup, anesthesia is standard for all colonoscopies nowadays.

Please set that date.

Anesthesia has levels. Typically doctors around here “twilight” you for a colonoscopy.

For my age 50 colonoscopy I was pretty much out. I do remember feeling a pinch at one point; I must have reacted because the doctor said, “Yes, going around that bend can cause a little discomfort.” Other than that, I was out.

I had outpatient surgery for kidney stones about a year before I was due for my age 60 colonoscopy. That time I was put entirely out, but I think the anesthesiologist used a bit too much medication, because I had problems the next week – waking up in the early AM to puke and uncontrollable shaking at night.

Unfortunately I mentioned this to the anesthesiologist before my colonoscopy. He under-medicated me. I was too out of it to say anything, but I was pretty awake for the whole procedure. It was not fun. But it wasn’t excruciating either, and it was over soon enough.

You have to be completely empty, hence the super duper cleanse. The doctor needs to go up to where the large intestine meets the small and he can’t see the walls of your intestine if there’s gunk in the way.

My husband is terribly constipated from the pain meds he takes. Four hours after taking his first dose of the prep nothing had moved and his belly hurt terribly. The doctor told him to take the next dose. That finally worked, but he still didn’t get completely cleaned out.

There are quite a few threads about people having colonoscopies, like here and here.

I’m going to do the new Cologuard test instead the next time I’m due. It’s a kind of stool test that tests for a DNA marker which indicates the presence of polyps. If if finds nothing, then you’re done, without the prep and without the procedure. If it does see something suspicious, then you have to go in. It’s not the FIT; that’s something different.

Insurance should cover it, but if not, it’s worth it to me. That prep was godawful, even if the test was not so bad. And I had to take two days off: one for prep, and one for the procedure. My husband had to take a day off, too, to drive me there and back.

Oddly enough, when I had mine done a couple years back, one of the acceptable drinks was Ensure (even though it’s not clear) and the strawberry flavor was ok (even though it’s red). But yeah otherwise broth, jello, clear fruit juice…

And if you’re looking for a reason to do it, here’s my thread on the subject.

there’s no clear evidence as to which test is superior for screening for colorectal cancer. Nothing to support a colonoscopy vs one of the newer stool screening tests.