Time Travel and Health Risks in the Future and Past

Would appreciate your thoughts on this if Time Travel ever becomes a reality! I’ll be incorporating your answers into a Blog I’m writing about this as I’d like your thoughts.

I. To begin with, lets say there hypothetically is Time Travel in 2010. A Healthy individual, let’s say 30 years old who has had all his shots for 2010 diseases/germs like the Flu Shot, a Booster Shot, etc., goes into the past with just regular clothing on not a protective outfit for disease. Lets say he makes 6 trips back: 5 years ago, 50 years ago, 100 years ago, 250 years ago, 1000 years ago and the beginning of man.

  1. Will he catch any different germs/sickness/disease that he would not have caught in 2010? Would the answer be the same for each of these time periods? If he does catch anything from these eras that no one has in 2010, would he cause an epidemic that we would not be able to curtail in a timely manner when he comes back in 2010?

  2. Would he be causing germs/sickness/disease from 2010 into these time periods? Again would the answer be the same for each of these time periods?
    I’m assuming if he did he would cause epidemics beyond belief because of the lack of modern science to deal with 2010 disease.

II. Now he Time Travels to the Future, again assume he’s healthy. He goes 1 year into the future then 10 years then 100 years and then 1000 years wearing just normal clothing and no protective gear.

  1. Could he possibly instantly die anytime 1 year and beyond because of whatever germs/sickness/disease are now on Earth?

  2. Would he be bringing in germs/sickness/disease from 2010 into these time periods? Would they cause epidemics?

  3. When he goes back to 2010 could he be bringing back germs/disease/sickness from the future that again would cause an epidemic of massive proportions?

III. If somehow he gets sick or injured and can be treated by whatever means is available in the past or the future would he be better off forgoing any treatment (assume say a metal rod in his arm from 50 years ago wouldn’t have aged 50 years when he comes back to the present) unless it is life and death as there could be serious medical consequences in the present?

Thanks for any or all of your answers.

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Off the top of my head, at the very least it would be like isiting an area of the world that you had not yet visited, with whatever local diseases and bacteria are there.

Hundreds of years ago, basic sanitation - soap, running water, rats and their fleas carrying diseases - was much mor prevalent. Death from infections was common, and from diseases, since in the last 100 years or so, antibiotics have become more common (too common) for fighting diseases and infections.

Tuberculosis (“consumption”) was common. So was smallpox; new populations of Indians getting their first serious exposure to the disease dropped like flies. (The Victoria BC museum has a very good collection of articles describibg this last native epidemic of the later 1800’s). By the time we invent time travel, smallpox vaccines will be gone I’m sure. Will your traveller come back after a short visit for necessary medical treatment for tuberculosis exposure?

There’s some evidence that the most virulent forms of the diseases disappear first and the types that survive to reinfect in later waves are the less virulent germs. The first wave of bubonic plague wiped out 1/3 to 1/2 of european populations it encountered. The subsequent waves were much less fatal, and probably not just because a few people had immunity. (We kind of see this today, that the original AIDS which seemed to kill its victims within a few years has been replaced by a lesser strains and its victims now hang on for years - even in Africa where the drugs are less available.)

Other plagues to look out for might include the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919. Even normal childhood diseases we currently are supposed to immunize against were significant killers 100 years ago. Pioneer graveyards are full of people who died in their 30’s and 40’s, and childhood disease death rates were pretty sad. Even the kings of Europe could expect up to half their offspring to die before the age of 10. The common dwarfs and hunchbacks that seemed so often to be entertainment in the rich houses of medieval europe were usually a result of deformities due to sickness during pregnancy.

I shudder to think whether our moderm, hygiene-happy stomachs could tolerate food from the days before health standards and sterilization were common. One story I recall from childhood was that the bible characters were big on drinking wine because a drink with alcohol was less likely to contain significant levels of bacteria. All the parasites and diseases that hindered the exploration of the non-desert tropics would be a significant problem - mosquitos and malaria, the tsetse fly and sleeping sickness in Africa… even tapeworms close to home. “Nit-picking” was something real back then, not an expression; lice were an epidemic where people washed their clothes maybe once a season.

A lot of our modern healthiness depends on a massive group effort in sanitation, wide availability of clean running water and hygiene prducts, general cleanliness, and quick treatment of diseases before they spread. Few diseases ever reach the critical mass to become epidemic.

Of course getting local medical attention from before 100 years ago was as likely to be more fatal than the disease. That’s a whole separate topic.

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