Timewatch--time travel RPG

First, I hope this thread is all right. It’s about a game in Kickstarter, but not one I have any financial ties to.

Anyway, it’s something I thought other folks in this forum might be interested in. The designer appears to have found a way to make time travel work in a tabletop RPG context–and not only to work, but actually to be a central mechanic of the game.

My favorite example is of a party who was trying to win the trust of Genghis Khan in order to ally with him against their enemy. When they approached him, he shouted, “It is as the prophet foretold: the witches have come!” and the party was ambushed, barely escaping with their lives. At first, they thought that their enemies must have gotten there first, which is what the GM had intended. But a clever player realized that they could go back in time and disguise themselves as prophets, foretelling their own arrival at some point in the future; when their prediction came true, Khan would believe whatever else they’d told him, and as a bonus it’d mean their enemies wouldn’t have arranged the ambush. Any game that can pull that off is a game I want to play.

I’ve played other things by this designer, including my all-time favorite D&D module Of Sound Mind, and a few games he’s run at conventions that were absurdly fun. And his Kickstarter, slated to earn $4,000 initially, is poised to cross the $100,000 mark.

The Kickstarter is almost over, so if the premise sounds interesting to you, check it out. I’m hoping to be able to run some games of this as soon as I get hold of the beta rules, and I’ll report back how they go.

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I’ll have to think about that…:slight_smile:

FWIW, the $100K stretch goal (the book will be in full-color) was just reached–you’ve got 90 minutes to get in on this Kickstarter. The next goal, at $1,000,000, is that every backer gets a time machine and a dinosaur.

Edit–sorry, guys, that’s the billion-dollar stretch goal, not million-dollar. Didn’t mean to get your hopes up.