Tingles :-)

Every now and then, when I’m listening to really powerful music (Beethoven’s Choral Symphony, Holst’s Jupiter, etcetera), and the music hits a climax, I get these tingles.

It’s kind of an all-over on the top of my skin event. Feels really good in a non-sexual, numinous sort of way.

Does this happen to anyone else? Does it only happen with classical music or other kinds? Is there a known cause for tingles? Am I just a genetic freak, happy with my strangeness?

Happens to me to, kind of like goose bumps all over. So far it’s only been with classical music, and I think that may be because most other music styles do not have that “climax” that produces the sensation. I recommend some Richard Strauss, if you want some tingles.

I’ve had that feeling with all different types of music. Not being a musician myself,
I like to think that this goose-bumpy, filled with admiration for the genius of the performer(s) - composer is god’s way of letting me in on the innermost workings of a mind like Bach’s - who could actually “hear” the composition being played as he was writing it. It’s when the music fills my very soul and carries me away into… what…
nirvana? Yes, I suppose that describes it. The music becomes my world and lets me connect with all the others who appreciate such beauty and grandeur as can be contained in sound waves wrought by mere humans.

Such events are increasingly rare in my world, but are one of the free things in life that make life worth living. The latest ocurred during my first listen to Peter Gabriel’s “Mercy Street.” I think it quite possibly the most beautiful work of popular music I’ve ever heard. Go figger.

It’s great that you are so “into” it! Don’t question it, just enjoy :)!

It’s not just you. You mentioned “Jupiter.” “The Planets” can affect me that way, too. This is what I love about music. I’d love to be able to write exciting music.

I’m going to go to some drum corps shows this summer and hopefully see some good music. All that brass playing some great music is really cool.


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I came to this board to ask the same question, but you beat me to it. (:

I’ve never had a physical tingling sensation like that, but I will absolutely agree that The Planets is an amazing piece of music. Some others that have a similar effect for me: Stravinski’s Right of Spring, Mousorgski’s Pictures… some others, but those are among the best, IMHO.

Oh, and this may sound bizarre, but listen to them in the dark! No visual input. Trust me. It’s better.


Wow!! I thought I was the only person in the world to feel this. My friends all think I am wierd. I have noticed that it only happens when a certain note is hit. I don’t only experience the tingles with classical music. It doesn’t even have to be a particularly good song, just the right note.
I can almost gaurantee that I will get the tingles when an all male group harmonizes (think Boys to Men, N’Sync, Color Me Bad).
I can’t say that’s it thought, because I have gotten similar responces from female singers. Anything gospel also generates the same reaction.

For me, it’s Aaron Copeland’s “Fanfair for the Common Man,” which is the trumpet piece they play (over and over and over) at the Olympics. But since we’ve established that many experience this phenomenon, let me ask the obvious follow-up question: Why?

Yes, I feel it mostly in my chest, though. And only with certain classical pieces. I figure that the music is stimulating some brain center that, besides analyzing sounds, is also involved in controlling some aspect of the sympathetic nervous system. Just a guess.

I get those tingles too, but listening to a variety of music. (I have to admit, here, that there’s a Terrytoons cartoon out there somewhere, made during a wartime scrap drive, that gives me the tingles right at the very end - a men’s barbershop chorus singing big - that gave me the tingles every time I saw it.) Other examples, at least as come to mind immediately, would be Paul Robeson, and the final note of “Oh, Do Not Forsake Me” on They Might Be Giants’ ‘John Henry’. Yeah, a good basso profundo will get me every time! :slight_smile:

“Fanfare for the Common Man” does the exact same thing, although that’s not what they play at the Olympics, jodih. IIRC, it’s called “The Trumpeter’s Dream”, but the name of the composer escapes me.

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I get the same thing too. Particularly with music that I think is really good or (even if I don’t like it) music that I can appriciate. At things like symphonies and orchestras I really do get it alot (not my favorite type of music but I appriciate all the work that has gone into the making of it). Also I mentioned in an erlier thread that I cry when I yawn, well when I’m at a concert (anytype of live music from an orchestra to a well done rock concert) for some reason I also yawn which makes people think I’m crying because it’s so good.
Anybody have any ideas why I would yawn at a symphony, it’s probably just “one of those things” I guess.

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