Tip Pools...Yay or Nay

Just a question for those of you who make tips on your jobs.

Do any of you participate in a tip pool? If so what are your view on them. Do you find them to be good? bad? or a mixed bag?

I work for a non-profit and we help people find jobs who are on public aid. We don’t really deal in tips jobs since many of our clients it’s their first or second jobs, but we are now getting companies, interested in signing on, but I’d like to hear the opinions of those who have worked with tip pool, either currently or in the past.

I have no specific questions other than if you like it? Or if you preferred to keep your own tips? Any other info you want to throw in will be welcome


Tip pooling is popular with the staff who don’t make much tips, but not with the staff that has to sacrifice to make it even. Plus, the division is never going to be equitable.

Still, it’s better than getting no tips at all.

Tip pools for 4 bartenders working a busy bar are fine.

Catering is all pooled tips as it’s truly a team sport, so it’s fine.

Tip pools where all the servers pool then split tips just loses you the best servers and is bad business. It lowers the standard of service for everyone. People with good skills, looking to make a living as a server, (30+ yrs), will go elsewhere.

Because they will always make less with a tip pool. It’s their high tips that are going to subsidize the shitty servers. Till you end up with all shitty servers, and it’s a race to the bottom!

I can only see tip pools working if everyone works their respective asses off in an environment where the tipping is unpredictable and uneven. While it’s just anecdotal, I’ve heard tales of servers going above and beyond, only to be left a tracts or a handful of change, and getting a table like that is the luck of the draw.

But far more likely is the scenario **elbows **outlined, when the hard workers subsidize the slackers. And on that note, I’ll skip my usual rant of how tipping just needs to go away. :smiley: