Tipping at McDonald's

So McDonald’s has recently introduced mobile ordering where you decide what you want and then park in a special spot and they bring the order out to your car, skipping the drivethru. So should you tip the person who brings it to your car?

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No, because you don’t have to tip every single person who brings you stuff as part of their job.

I agree. McDonald’s employees get a minimum wage and aren’t dependent on tipping. It’s part of their duties, so no, you shouldn’t tip them.

In fact, they do this routinely if someone has a large order and they’ll “park” them while it’s being assembled.

Do you pay through the app? If so, I wouldn’t tip. If not, and my bill was $7, I’d hand over a ten and say keep the change, just to avoid the person running back and forth.

At Sonic Drive-Ins, it’s customary to tip the carhops.

My rule on tipping, outside of restaurants (where it really is kinda mandatory):

If you feel as though the value of what you received is greater than what you are charged, then leaving a tip is always appreciated.

No no no…I 've never gotten good service at mickey-ds…I seriously hate that place…Our local one (sorta)…is extremely bad, I think…I’ve been to cleaner and nicer ones but…it makes no difference…they are just going through the motions, it seems!

At Sonic, it’s customary to slip into sodium induced comas.

I probably wouldn’t. But I’ll say this: it makes a lot more sense to tip a McD’s worker who actually brings food out to you (you know, like a server) than it does to tip people at all those places like Subway and Starbucks, etc., who just prepare your order and hand it to you–and yet always seem to have a jar for tips.:smack:

Tips for* what?*

Even if I was inclined to do it, I’d be worried about getting the person fired.