Tipping at Salons

I used to go to the local barber whenever I needed a haircut. Now, I’m at college, and the only place within walking distance that I can go is a salon/tanning sort of place. I’m starting to get a bit shaggy, so I was thinking that I should get a trim. I’ve never been to this sort of place since I was a small child. Am I supposed to tip? Do I give a tip to the employee who worked with me and then pay up front? I’m pretty sure we have a couple of people on the boards who’ve worked in salons before.

Bumping this in case Neil still wants an answer.

I go to different outlets of various chain haircut places - depending on where I am around town, and who can see me quickly - time is something I dnn’t want to spend waiting for a haircut. Anyway, I usually give a buck or two, depending on my wallet, and how well I was treated.

Only problem, I’ve heard you don’t tip the owner or manager. Since in these places all the cutters look alike (the manager ain’t wearing a different color smock), I know I have violated this rule. Or is it still a rule?

I generally tip a total of 20% or so for salon services. If the person who shampoos is different than the one who cuts, I give the shampooer (is that a word) about $2 and give the rest to the stylist. I give the tip in cash directly to the person, unless there is a place up front with envelopes that I can drop it in.

I give 15% to the stylist and $1 or so to the shampoo girl. I always make sure to give it to them in person, although sometimes I get weird looks from the shampoo girls because their hands are wet when they take the dollar from me.

When I was a nanny it was my job to take the kids for haircuts. I usually tipped about $5.00 a head. I gave the tip directly to the stylist.