Tipping at Sonic

I realized tonight that I’m wasting money when I tip at Sonic. I rarely order food there anyways, and would give the carhop a 50 cent-1.00 tip when I got a drink.

But wait… I’m just getting a drink, and these people get paid standard fast food wage.

Why? I’m not a bad tipper, in fact, just because of the people that I hang out with, if a waiter gets less than 25%, they’ve done something wrong (I associate with notoriously bad tippers). This is true even at buffet restaurants, where they just get me drink refills and take my plate away.

Which ones of you tip at Sonic, and who doesn’t?

Sometimes I tip. Sometimes I don’t. But to tell you the truth, tipping anybody anything less that $1 seems a little cheap. Kinda reminds me of old people giving little kids nickels and telling them not to spend it all in one place.

If my order isn’t over $5, I probably won’t tip anything.

I rarely go to Sonic, but I enjoy the food when I do, and I like their retro-future decor and roller-skating carhops. If someone goes to the trouble of bringing my food out to my car or table, especially if they’re trying to balance a tray while skating, I have no problem with tipping them a buck or two.

Considering my drink is a buck fifty, I’m not going to go much higher than a 66 percent tip, especially for someone who had to walk out of a building with a tray, and hand me a drink and straw.

Where is your Sonic? Around here, they don’t skate. I always imagined that the possibility of too many Workers compensation claims put the kibosh on the whole skating carhop phenomenon.

I don’t make a habit of tipping at Sonic, but I do usually tell them to keep the change. Yeah, it’s usually just 30 or 40 cents, but it saves them from having to balance the tray while they click it out, plus it’s gonna add up eventually.

Damn, now I want a SuperSonic Cheeseburger with tots and a root beer.

Sorry, Voodoo Lou. I didn’t even look at your location. Duh!

Do they really skate out to your car in Orlando? I have never seen carhops actually skate (except in the movies).

I’ve been to a couple Sonics in Florida, and some skated and some didn’t. I love that whole kitschy-retro 1950s diner/burger joint vibe, so I can’t help but tip them when they skate.

No, I don’t tip at Sonic. The carhops get a very decent wage and tips are not required nor expected (though I’ve been told that at some Sonics, tipping is so common carhop duties are rotated among the staff so that everyone has a chance to pick up the extra cash).

I don’t tip for a simple reason: my Sonic has “pay-at-the-pump”, where I can swipe my credit card after I order, and the carhop will bring a reciept to me, already in the bag. I have no option to put a tip on the card. I do not carry cash and she certainly doesn’t want the 12 pennies in my ashtray. Even before the pay-at-the-menu things were installed, when they would take my card inside to swipe it, the reciept they came back with for me to sign had no tip line on it.

Many people say tipping should be done at Sonic because a service is being provided when the food is brought to you. But no one tips at Whataburger when the food is brought to your table, and no one tips at McDonalds when they ask you to pull through, out of the drive through then bring your order to your car. And really, it’s not that much more work than handing the order out a window.

If my butt isn’t occupying one of their seats, nobody is getting tipped. Fast-food tipping is a sure sign of the Decline of Civilization as we know it.

I always tip a dollar or so, but then, I always order lunch or supper there, not just a drink or something, so my order is always at least five dollars. So, my tip is usually around twenty percent or more. But if I have a similar bill at a sit-down restaurant, even a cheap one, I always tip at least five dollars because they only make (as far as I know) the standard $2.13 server’s wage.

None of the Sonics around here have the rollerstaking carhops anymore. :frowning:

I never thought of tipping them until my ex-husband (who worked there as a teen) insisted that since they came out to bring us food we were supposed to tip. I usually only tip a buck but I usually don’t order much anyway.

Yep, I usually tip. One time I was with my brother’s family and we realized we forgot to tip, I did run to the restaurant, apologized and then gave the carhop the dollar tip… later, I found that mistakenly I gave her not $1 but $10! :smack:

Oh well, I guess I made her day.

They skate at most of the ones around here. Lately I learned that Tuesday night was “family night” and all their burgers were half-priced, at least at one location. Sometimes I don’t tip, sometimes I just round the change to the nearest dollar (this is more or less how one tips in Germany, Chaoticdonkey, for future reference), sometimes I give them a buck. It depends a bit on did they bring me ketchup, how long did I have to wait, etc.

Some of the carhops at my local Sonic skate. CubSon used to work at a Sonic, and at that one, they paid the carhops extra for skating. I think it is fun to see.

I always give something of a tip, usually the change or a bit more. If the order is big (like more than a couple of burgers) then I will add another buck.

Sadly there is no Sonic in NYC. And now I crave a foot-long coney with cheese and tater-tots.

Damn you all. Now I want a coconut cream pie milkshake and some tots.

Though actually that would be a little disgusting together. Never mind!

I always tip at Sonic. If I’m getting a slush, I tip the remainder of the dollar (usually 60 cents or so). If I’m getting supper with a slush, I tip a dollar. If my husband and I both eat, I tip $2. The other day it was pouring rain but I HAD to have a slush, and I tipped the girl almost $2.

Our Sonic workers almost all skate, which I think is worth a tip, personally. I don’t care how much they get paid, they provide a service by bringing my food and drink (on skates no less) and I think they deserve one.

I think it is up to the individual if they skate or not. I’ve seen some really good skaters doing tricks on in-lines at sonic.

I always tip because of the extra effort required to get to my car. Plus, I tend to to go Sonic in the middle of winter.

I tend to tip wait staff in general, a pleasant ‘tude’ on their part gets them a bigger tip.