Tipping for curbside pickup or picking up a to go call in - yes or no?

Title says it all (hopefully)

I’m asking because we’ve got a crapload of places here (Carrabas, TGIF) that let you call in the order, drive over, and they’ll bring it out to your car.

We also have a lot of (nicer) restaurants that let you call in for pickup (nicer meaning these are casual sit-down-$25 entree places, not sub shops)

Is tipping in order for this type of service?

Tipping is a subject that will bring out the fangs, much like declawing threads. :wink:

That said, I vote “yes”, you should tip. Perhaps not the typical rate, but I would float them something. The guy is walking it out to your car, because you are too lazy to go inside (not trashing you, just sayin’). Keep in mind that often whoever rings up the sale will get hit for the income tax due, unless they have a “house” account.

This is why my wife refuses to ring up take-out orders and leaves it to the manager to take the hit, since they don’t have a house account at her restuarant.

For me, yes to the driver and no for the pickup.

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Yes, you should tip the same as you would for carryout (I usually tip *less *for curbside/carryout service though, like 2.50 instead of 4 or 5, but I don’t skip the tip). The servers who work curbside make the same wages as they do when they’re waiting on tables, plus they have to box up your food and put paper napkins and plastic utensils in there and then carry it to you across the parking lot, which takes more time and effort than carrying a plate from the kitchen to an indoor table.

Yeah if they bring it out to my car, as advertised.

No if I sit there like a dumbass for 15 minutes then have to go in and stand around to pick up my order.

I don’t tip as much curbside as if I were dining in, tho.

I tip 10% for curb side pick up. It seems reasonable that an employee should be tipped since they are getting together an order just as if they were bringing it to a table. I don’t tip 20% because they don’t have to check back or give refills.

I was not put on this earth with the math skills to calculate the exact percentage points each time for each situation (I usually just round up to something convenient) but, yes, I always tip in those occasions, although not as much as at a sit-down meal.

Thank you!