Tired of Trump? Move to Cape Breton!

It is nice that someone is looking at the insanity of the US election as a possible opportunity! :wink:

At first, I thought that was just a joke. But assuming that’s all true, Cape Breton Island sounds very appealing.

The whole employment thing is the root of the problem. :wink:

Atlantic Canada is incredibly pretty; its weather not really that bad; its people are polite and friendly … but there is a perception that there is nothing to do there for work. Which is why people have tended to move away, and not to.

I did a bit of research in their FAQ, which led me to Canada’s “see if you qualify for immigration”, on the idea (somewhat seriously) that I could move there when I retire in 5-8 years. Based on my answers to their questionnaire, I do not qualify (I’m a US citizen whose nearest relative in Canada is a great-aunt and her children).

Learn French. You get several points just for that!

The copywriter seems unaware women can get abortions readily in the United States, and that would be highly unlikely to change under an (urp) Trump presidency.

The second part does sound divine…why not start a concurrent campaign to get all of America and Europe’s oppressed Muslims to move to Cape Breton?

Come to Moncton! We have an unemployment rate of 6.7 percent and are located centrally for easy access to all of NB, PEI, and NS!

Run the Cape Breton coast, visit Fundy National Park and kayak the Bay of Fundy, spend time in Kouchibouguac National Park and enjoy seeing the night sky as it should be seen in the dark sky preserve! Check out the little fishing villages throughout the coast. PEI has some of the warmest ocean waters north of Virgina and is a fantastic summer trip!

(Ok, NB government, time to pay me for promoting tourism. You certainly don’t)

Somewhere in Canada is trying to get Americans to move there? It is to laugh. Immigration Canada wouldn’t guarantee my wife a visa after she was offered a job there. She had to turn it down. Sorry Cape Breton, I think we’re all going to have to pass on this.

I admit, I’ve never seen the sense in making it difficult to move between Canada and the US, either direction.

How is internet access there? I could theoretically do my job anywhere with high speed internet…

I know some people who did move to Canada from the US – they did have jobs set up but as far as I know no relatives.

My great ^ n grandparents came from the Trois-Rivières area, does that count?


Internet access in Montreal is great. I know someone in Sackville, NB (near the border with NS) who rents high speed line. I don’t know about Cape Breton Island, though. Closer to London, England than London, Ontario.

Quebec basically controls its own immigration. Learn French and you’re in. Then you can move to any place in Canada and experience the glories of 20" snowfalls (which Ottawa had on Tuesday).


This is sadly not true at all. It’s legal ok, but there are very many jurisdictions which make it extremely difficult or totally impossible to obtain an abortion. I guess we will find out how long that is the case for my state as soon as SCOTUS rules.

I know that Sydney, NS has fibre-op. This link shows the other options are pretty good. I’d expect decent internet unless you are in one of the little blink and you miss it rural areas.

Which isn’t to say that access is uniform across Canada. Depending where you live, particularly rural areas, travel may be necessary. There’s currently a law suit against the government of Prince Edward Island, seeking to compel the governemnt to provide access on the Island, instead of referring patients to a hospital in New Brunswick.

However, there are no criminal restrictions in Canada on abortions, and provinces cannot reduce access in the way that some states have been doing.

Word. I think that any openings, anywhere in Canada, are not for Americans.

I have very pleasant memories of being eight years old and playing on the beach near Ingonish, on CBI, during a family car-camping trip. I recall my mother and I chuckling at the string of three-house “villages” in the area, all variations on the same name: “North Bay Ingonish,” “North East Bay Ingonish,” “Ingonish Centre,” etc.

Anyway, yeah, lots of reasons to spend time there, regardless of who wins in November.

My neighbor is from Cape Breton. I asked her about it, and her response was, “Yes, it’s beautiful. But it’s also expensive and cold.”

Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism has some great ads that a suggest another fine alternative to a Trump-infested US – these are some of my faves:


I love the last line on the third one! :slight_smile:

As a Bluenose, I feel I should warn everyone that if you plan on becoming new “come-from-aways” you should really
[li]learn the words to Barrett’s Privateers[/li][li]be familiar with Farewell to Nova Scotia[/li][li]choose between Ashley MacIsaac and Natalie MacMaster for best fiddle player[/li][li]pick Rita McNeil, Ann Murray, or any one of the Rankins as your favourite traditional singer.[/li][/ol]
Another decision will be whether you want to become a “Caper” or a “Mainlander,” but I should warn you, if you choose Sydney over Halifax you will need to deal with that tricky Cape Breton accent. So crack a beer, take off your clothes, and welcome to the Maritimes. …Oh, buy a good shovel and good luck finding a job. :slight_smile:

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