Tis The Season To Return Things...Fa La La La La

OK I bought myself a Braun shaver for Christmas. I used it on Christmas day and it worked. Today I went to use the electric razor again and scratch…A huge cut on my face. I looked at it and the foil part that protects the skin from the razor had broken off.

So I’ll have to trudge on over to Target and wait in line to get a new one.

So what will you be returning this year

Fa, la, la, la, la…Let’s wait in line :slight_smile:

My mom’s BF hedged his bets on getting Stephen Ambrose’s Band of Brothers by putting it on both the wish lists he gave to me and to my sister - and both of us picked that book off the lists as one of his presents. Since he opened my sister’s first I offered to return my copy and get him something else. :slight_smile:

Three people got my 11 year-old son clothes, and less than half of them fit. No, he’s not a 10 Husky, he’s a 12 Regular! He doesn’t wear a size 5 shoe, but a men’s 7! And why in og’s name would you buy him a size 18 shirt? These “gifts” don’t really do anyone any good, especially since I now have to spend the time and gas to go exchange these things! If people could be a bit more thoughtful about size and a little less thoughtful about price (I know it was on sale for 8 bucks but if he can’t wear it…?).

I imagine an 11 year old would be growing up and gaining weight rapidly. Clothes would only fit for a a few months at best.

Exactly why he needs clothes that fit. Seriously- a size 18 shirt? Things like that don’t help him or me. If someone can’t find the right size, a gift card or something else seems appropriate.