"Titanic 3D" First New Film in Burma in Decades

Story here. But in another sign that the country is opening up, 20th-Century Fox has made a deal with the authorities to make Titanic 3D the first new American film in the country in recent memory. The normal, un-3D Titanic was never shown there.

I didn’t realize we hated Burma that much…

Whatever you may think of the film, it’s been immensely popular in Asia. I’m sure it will be equally so in Burma.

The plot of most Bollywood movies makes Titanic look like My Dinner With Andre.:wink:

I do confess I have a personal “issue” with the film, stemming from the 1237th person who told me “you HAVE TO see this movie” back when it was first released, to which my answer was something along the lines of “no, I really, really don’t”

But personal feelings aside…

Speaking as someone with only a passing knowledge of the socio-political issues in Burma (is it no longer Myanmar (again)?), the opening up of the country to ‘Western culture’ would seem to be a positive sign.

I saw a theater showing Captain America in Yangon/Rangoon last year (photo). And I’m sure there have been plenty of pirated copies of Titanic sold over the past 15 years.

Are you sure that’s a real cinema and not a video shop? But yes, pirated stuff abounds. This will be the first legally sanctioned release of an American film.

I still call it Burma myself, the same as Aung San Suu Kyi. The government told her to stop doing that, and she told them to piss off. Good for her!

They showed Titanic 3D in Thailand a few months ago. I liked the movie and have never understood the hate for it. But I don’t like 3D to begin with and read retrofitting it to Titanic didn’t really turn out all that well, so I passed on it.

I just finished reading the novel A Thousand Splendid Suns, which takes place over three decades in Afghanistan, and there was a small section in the book about how many pirated copies of Titanic were floating around Kabul in the summer of 2000, right under the noses of the Taliban.