Well done!

Wish I had the internet to watch it. :frowning:

And that tree was subsequently cut down. By a chain-saw.

A perpetual enemy, who shall ever rise again.

As I recall from the movie, he committed suicide after he lost everything in the stock market crash. Regardless, I think Cal suffered plenty in the years between 1912 and 1929–he lost his fiancee Rose, he lost the Heart of the Ocean necklace, he lost on the markets.

Dying when the Titanic sank would have made him out to be better than the loser he turned out to be. The villain may not have died in the film, but hearing about his comeuppance in subsequent years tells us that he suffered a worse fate than if he had died in the Titanic disaster.

The male first-class passengers who went down with the ship were lionized for their chivalry; the ones who survived were often condemned for what was perceived as cowardice.

At least one marriage was destroyed because the survivor husband was shunned when the couple returned home.