Titans dump Vince Young

Didn’t their schedule get easier in the second half? Not that this completely explains it.

Not quite. He’s 30-17.

This is wrong - for one thing, it’s too many games for 16 seasons (Fisher also coached six games as an interim HC in 1993). His record is 142-120 in the regular season (.542) and 5-6 in the playoffs. However I saw an article on ESPN the other day that pointed out that in 17 seasons, he’s finished over .500 only six times (his teams have gone 8-8 five other times and 7-9 twice). Compared to other long-tenured coaches, his record is not very good.

I’d be inclined to give him a bit of a break on his overall record - the Oilers team he took over was a total trainwreck - but it has been quite a few years since then.

He also turned around a team in salary cap hell in remarkable time. I think this way be the first season I can remember where the team seemed to underachieve its talent.

As a Titans fan I’m sad to see Young go, but I would have chosen Fisher too. Young was an okay quarterbacks with the potential to be better than that, but clearly that isn’t going to happen in Tennessee. The Russell comparison is silly, as Young is a viable nfl quarterback and Russell was never remotely close to being one. Young is not irreplaceable though, and certainly not the main reason that the Titans won so many games he happened to start. But as one can see the difference between an adequate qb and say Russ Smith not can be the difference between the playoffs and a high draft pick.

The Titans would look pretty good with Ryan Mallett under center. They’ve got weapons and Heimerdinger, if he’s healthy, should have more success with a traditional pocket passer like him versus Young’s haphazard play.

As always the QB gets too much credit for winning and too much blame for losing. It is a team game . QBs at USC were touted as winners, regardless of how solid the whole team was, they were given credit.
The beauty of it is the highly publicized Qb gets drafted into a losing NFL team and struggles. Seems fair. Then a good team picks a far less respected college Qb and he does well. They are lauded for picking a diamond in the rough when most Qbs could succeed on their team.
Peyton Manning plays a lot worse when he is rushed and knocked down a lot during a game.

I’m not really understanding all of the love for Fisher anymore either. Although most of the sports radio talking heads like him, they are also pretty quick to point out that his team is known as the worst in the league for cheap shots on opponents. At some point, doesn’t that reflect back on the coaching staff?

Also, I seem to remember a quote from him around mid season about how many teams would be lining up to claim Randy Moss. No Jeff, that was just you. How did that work out? Granted, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the Vikings trading for him.

His record isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. Someone else mentioned how things are stagnated on the Titans. I wonder if both the Titans and Fisher wouldn’t be better served with a fresh start?