Titans dump Vince Young

It was obvious to everyone in Tennessee that the Titans organization would have to choose between coach Jeff Fisher and 1st round drafted QB Vince Young. Most observers expected owner Bud Adams, a Texas himself and vocal Young supporter, to stick with his QB and give Fisher the heave-ho after another disappointing season.

However, in a surprise move today, the Titans have announced that Young will not be on the roster next year.

That doesn’t mean that Fisher’s job is safe, necessarily, and various observers have predicted him ending up in San Francisco or another empty coaching spot next year. But I’ve always like him as a coach, and Young has been a spoiled punk since his rookie year, so I like this move.

I am very surprised by this display of good sense on the Titans’ part. AnyOakland want to take a guess Oakland at where Vince Young winds Oakland?

Al Davis is too head over heals in love with Jason Campbell. If this happened next year then I would say Oakland, but I don’t see it this year.

Good for the Titans for making the right choice.

I don’t believe for a second that Bud Adams was so enamored with Young’s talent as to consider keeping him over a good coach like Jeff Fisher. It was always about return on investment. Them’s the breaks, Bud…sometimes even 1st round QB’s just don’t work out.

Honestly, I can’t believe that Adams even really considered firing Fisher and foisting Young’s dumbassery upon a new coach. It would have been the height of stupidity. Young is a slightly better JaMarcus Russell.

After the cursing in the locker room, there really wasn’t much of a choice to be made. Good on Adams for keeping Coach Fisher.

I’m not even sure why this was an issue. I wouldn’t want Jeff Fisher on my Christmas cards either.

Yeah, but Young won games. What do they have for a QB now? – Nothing.

Yeah, I don’t know. I think it’s tough to come in and know that your new boss (Fisher) didn’t want to pick you, doesn’t want you there, and is only playing you because he’s been made too. That wasn’t his fault, and when you add in the braying of the local media and their love of Cutler at the time, it was a bad situation for him to come into. Yes, he handled it poorly, and is probably too sensitive emotionally. But he has talent, and made a lot of good plays.

Now we have to start over with a new QB, or they’ll try to make Kerry Collins live for another year. So we’re in for another few 6-10 8-8 7-9 seasons. I do kinda hope they still make the move on Fisher, I just think it’s time for a change. Too much distrust between owner and coach.

He did? Where are they now? Where were they last year?

A winning quarterback puts the team in a position to win, not in a position to just miss the playoffs or have a losing record.

The Titans will find somebody. Next year, if there is a next year, they might have another bad season. But imagine how bad it would be if they fired Jeff Fisher, a coach with an established history of winning, and kept a quarterback that has demonstrated little but the ability to act the fool and get himself suspended.

It sucks for the rest of the AFC that this happened. Vince Young might have had a few good games, but you could count on the Titans underachieving so long as Young was there. Now they have to go in a different direction, which can only be better for them.

BTW, Kerry Collins turned 38 on December 30th. 38 seems to be a magically bad age for quarterbacks; I read an article in the Chicago Tribune some years ago which illustrated that most NFL QBs who played effectively through age 37 saw a major decline in their stats upon turning 38. (Warren Moon and Brett Favre would be two examples of QBs who buck that trend.)

You guys will pick up McNabb next year. Mark my words.

They do have a 30-17 record in games he started. I see his career record against playoff teams is only 5-10 and they lost the only playoff game they played during his time there. Then again he kept losing the job and I’m not sure how much you can read into either of those records.

That wouldn’t stun me. It would annoy me, but it wouldn’t stun me. It’d be another year or two of mediocrity. There’s a reason Andy Reid got rid of him.

Young is far better than any quarterback on the Arizona Cardinals roster.

Dalej42’s comment goes for Minnesota too, and a bunch of other teams.

Oddly, I’d like to see the Texans take a run at him, assuming his contract isn’t too onerous to have him ride pine. I have zero faith in Orlovsky and have no idea if Leinart will ever put it together. (Thanks again Texans, for trying all out to win those last two games. You’ve saved Mr. Mediocre’s coaching job, and we still have no idea if the younger players are any good or not.)

Anyways, I think the one thing we know Kubiak can do is design offense. Houston is VY’s hometown, for good and bad. His support structure may still be there. The Texans locker room has plenty of quiet leader types, and the starting QB is both unquestionably the starter and somewhat fragile physically. I think VY’d be a good fit in Houston, a place where he can take the time to learn how to be a QB, assuming of course that he wants to. Pity that it’s the kind of bold move the Texans are not known for making.

I’m confident this is the right move for the Titans, but I think it is probably also good for Young. He was never Fisher’s choice, so the disfavor of the coach (combined with reportedly lax work habit and emotional immaturity) led to a pretty rocky tenure.

If he grows up a bit and loses his sense of entitlement, and ends up in a supportive environment, he can probably be pretty successful. With any luck there will be at least a couple of teams interested so that Tennessee is at least able to get something in return.

Well, he’s due a large roster bonus, and everyone know we’re going to get rid of him. No reason for anyone to trade, just wait until we cut him.

…that’s a little dishonest. In 2009, the Titans finished 8-8, and just missed the playoffs. Are you really contending that this was because Vince Young is not a “winning quarterback?”

Because the Titans started last season 0-6, with Kerry Collins as the starting QB. After Young was inserted, he went 8-2. Are you actually implying that Young is not a winning quarterback because he only went 8-2 down the stretch? That it’s his fault Kerry Collins couldn’t win even one game of six?

…eh. The guy won more than twice as many games as he lost. He’s not a superstar and I think the Titans made the right move here, but to say that he has “demonstrated little but [etc]” is entirely off-base. If he ends up with a coach that actually wants him to be the quarterback, I think he could end up having a decent career.

And the Titans are entirely back to square one now. I don’t blame them for getting rid of Young, because it was clearly either him or Fisher and Fisher has been successful for this franchise, but I do think they can be criticized for not developing a better organizational plan for the quarterback position then “fire the best guy on the roster and hope we can dig up Derek Anderson or some such.”

Al Davis has the emotional stability of Lindsay Lohan. If gets a woody for Young, Campbell will be old news. Hell, he might put both on the field and have VY run fly patterns. Anything could happen.
While Young is an unreliable turd, Fisher has to take some of the blame here. IMO think the Titans would be well served to fire Fisher, trade Johnson for picks, and rebuild from square one. There might be no more stagnant team in the league.

A “History of Winning???” In his 16 years as HC, his record stands at exactly 500 (142-142). His playoff record 5-6. Super Bowls Won: 0. Super Bowl appearances: 1. I’m sorry, but these are hardly Lombardi/Belichick type numbers.

I actually don’t particularly like Young as a QB. He’s too inaccurate and erratic. But oddly, if his 30-17 record with Tennesse cited above is accurate, then that means Fisher is 112-125 without Vince and 30-17 with him. Very interesting.