NFL Coaching carousel, who stays and who goes?

It’s that time of the year with Black Monday approaching.

Philadelphia, Tennessee, and Miami have already fired their coaches during the season.

Here’s my list of coaching hot seats:

  1. Buffalo Bills-Rex Ryan gets another year

  2. Cleveland Browns- Pettine is a goner. His stupid power games with Manziel have doomed him

  3. Indianapolis Colts-Pagano is history as well.

  4. San Diego Chargers-McCoy is fired as the team seeks a new identity in Los Angeles.

  5. New York Giants- Coughlin and the Giants agree to mutually party ways

  6. Dallas Cowboys- Garrett probably stays, but who knows with Jerry Jones

  7. Detroit Lions- Caldwell is fired

  8. Chicago Bears- Fox gets another year but will be on the very hot seat if the Bears have another bad season.

  9. Atlanta Falcons- Quinn gets another year, but will be on the same hot seat as Fox

  10. New Orleans Saints- Saints clean house. Payton and Brees are gone

  11. St. Louis Rams- I guess Fisher returns but he sure doesn’t deserve to.

  12. San Francisco 49ers-Tomsula is one and done. What a clusterfuck this team is.

Get your predictions in now.

  1. Detroit Lions- Caldwell is fired
  2. St. Louis Rams- I guess Fisher returns but he sure doesn’t deserve to

I agree with these,hope Fisher stays

Pete Carrol stays in Seattle. Guaranteed.

I’ll be more interested to see what happens with Lynch in Seattle.

I don’t think the Colts firing Chuck Pagano would be entirely fair; they should instead fire the GM who concentrates too much on the receiving corps and not enough on the offensive line. For godsakes, we’re going into Week 17 and starting our fourth-string quarterback.

Me too. I’m not sure how relevant he is anymore. We’ll see soon I guess

I think Caldwell still has a decent shot of being on the Lion’s sideline next year.

He’s reported to have a good working relationship with Martha Ford. She seemed to lay a lot of the blame on the front office along with Caldwell’s offensive subordinates. With the offensive coaching staff shorthanded after the purges he’s put up a 5-2 record so far in the back half. If they manage to close with a win at Chicago I’d say he’s safe for another year. 5-3 is dicier but still possible. Even then he’ll still have a winning record across two seasons and he’s taken them to the playoffs. That makes him an absolute stud among Lions coaches for the last 4 decades. I’d guess he gets another year to see what he can do with a new, hopefully competent, front office.

Unless the Colts pull off a miracle, Pagano’s gone.

Browns strike first, firing Pettine.

49ers oust Tomsula. Who got sacked first?

Jerry Jones confirmed Jason Garrett is staying, I have a feeling he is getting a pass because Tony Romo and Dez Bryant were both injured.

I would be shocked if New Orleans fired Payton with all the buzz around him as a HC candidate.

Man, if that ain’t the truth. The team is gutted. The owners are complete bafoons. Their new Levi Stadium opened this year after they got the Santa Clara City Council in 2011 to vote for an agreement that calls for the city’s Stadium Authority to borrow $850 million from Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and U.S. Bank to build the playground.

Its the gift that’s just gonna keep on giving.

Coughlin stepping aside in New York. McCoy back for another year in San Diego is somewhat surprising

The Lion’s are leaving the decision on Caldwell to the yet to be hired GM according to Martha Ford and the team President. The good news for Caldwell is the Lions are interviewing GM candidates while other teams are swooping in on top head coach candidates. That might make chancing the market for a new coach less attractive. The bad news is is sitting around waiting for the yet to be hired decision maker to be named.

No link to confirm, but word is that Chuck Pagano has signed an extension with the Colts.

Edit to confirm extension

And they’re keeping GM Grigson too. I wonder if this decision will stand when Irsay sobers up.

I know this is my first post and it doesn’t directly answer the question but I am so happy to have Zimmer as the Vikings head coach. What a difference a coach can make.

First and foremost, welcome to the boards. Hope you enjoy your time here.

Second, I agree with you. Part of the reason that Pagano was brought back was the Colts players had stated that they really liked playing for him. I think he and the team may play with a little added intensity this coming season.

I think that Fisher’s future is dependent on the relocation vote. If Kroenke wins the relocation to LA, then he has to clean house and start putting together a winning team or LA will run them out of town again. If the Rams stay in St. Louis, then he has no incentive to make the team any more successful than needed to make a profit and 7-9 will do that for them.

Some of the coaching vacancies are actually quite attractive in terms of organization and current roster. NYG and Philly are certainly capable of putting together a winning campaign as early as next season.

Cleveland is, by a long shot, the least attractive opening. Even SF has a mostly sane front office. Cleveland is in complete disarray and will have a hard time convincing anyone to come coach there. Which is how they ended up with Pettine in the first place.